WordPress Plugin Releases for 12/04

December 4th, 2008
WordPress Plugins

New Plugins

Entries on Page X

Generates a link back to the archive page the current entry is on. Makes it easier for users to retrieve the chronology of a blog.

GreyBox Integrator

GreyBox is a script can be used to display websites, images and other content in a beautiful way. GreyBox Integrator provides a one-click installation of GreyBox on your WordPress blog.

VB Simple YouTube

A simple way to add a YouTube video. Just put youtube::video_id:: and you’ll see the video in the post.

WordPress Flowplayer

This plugin adds flowplayer to your WordPress blog, it comes pre-configured and is very easy to use.

The excerpt re-reloaded

Customize the excerpt to be displayed by selecting the maximum number of words and link text.

In the Loop

The plugin provides an options panel with two input boxes. One is for content you want to appear before your post, the other for after it. Each box comes with a set of options to control whether to show it on Teasers, Single Posts, Pages, The Feed and whether or not to execute PHP.

Liturgical Year Themes

The Liturgical Year Themes plugin uses the date() and easter_days() php functions to calculate the current liturgical day or season. A correlating CSS file is loaded which allows the designer to override their default theme with one fitting for the current time on the Christian calendar. The plugin also provides the option of printing the day or season’s title to the document.


Tangofy is a plugin that replaces the menu icons in the administration area of WordPress 2.7 with a selection of icons from three open-source projects: Firefox, GNOME and Tango.

Updated Plugins

Picturesurf Gallery

Picturesurf Gallery allows you add an image gallery to your blog post in seconds. It increases your ad revenue and pageviews if you enable the option to have separate pages for each image (this also helps your image SEO traffic).

ICanLocalize Translator

ICanLocalize provides full integration with WordPress blogs and websites. The translation process will be fully automated and require no effort by the side administrator, editor or authors.

Download Counter

This plugin will keep track of the amount of downloads for specific files. It will also store the last time the file was downloaded. You can use tags to add the download url or download count to any page or post.


With this plugin you will be able to send beautiful and styled html and plain text mails based on dedicated themes and templates for any e-mail notification issued for comments subscribers, your periodic newsletters (per post/daily/weekly/monthly), specific admin events : registration of a new user, comment to moderate, new comment on your posts.




  1. ovidiu (6 comments.) says:

    the picturesurf gallery is brilliant.multi upload works, great features BUT: it takes media management again out of wordpress’s hands :-( the uploaded images are no longer tied to the psot at all :-( doesn’t work with ages only with posts.
    No settings for the thumbnails, and worst, after I saved my testpost previewed it in the briowser, noticed I had problems with the comments page, went back to edit the psot, and realized, the gallery was inserted, but I can’t seem to find the pictures I uploaded, so now I can’t delete them, as I have no idea where they have been uploaded to. so if you later want to add more pictures fine, but how can I see and edit the existing pictures?

    All in all except for the nice multi uploader there is nothing this gallery offers :-( that wp doesn’t have already…

  2. CMS Themes (2 comments.) says:

    @ ovidiu
    Thanks for the short review mate. Hope the developer will put a fix on the media management. We really need multiple file uploads on WordPress.

  3. demetris (9 comments.) says:

    Thanks for mentioning Tangofy!

    A new version was just released. Now Tangofy has an options page, to choose among four included icon sets or add a custom set!

    Get the latest version:


  4. Dirk (5 comments.) says:

    Hooray for Tango icons!

  5. bongkeng (1 comments.) says:

    Ahh.. nice plugin, thanks for Entries on Page X plugin.

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