WordPress Plugin Releases for 12/01

December 1st, 2008
WordPress Plugins

New Plugins


A simple plugin that will disabled right-click and prevent selection of text on your blog.

Ciao Box

Allows the user to display a Ciao Box in the sidebar.


Autodownload is a WordPress plugin that enables your blog to provide downloadable files either in your posts or pages.

Show authors without posts

Shows the authors page even if the author has no post.

Updated Plugins

Cronjob Control

This plugin shows you all active WP cronjobs (scheduled tasks) of your weblog in the “Site Admin” area and if you want, you can stop the cronjob(s).


This plugin is a data manager for any recurrent datasets. It can be used to manage and list a DVD collection,to to present portraits (e.g. athletes of a team) or anything you can think of.

Collapsing Archives

This plugin uses Javascript to dynamically expand or collapse the set of months for each year and posts for each month in the archive listing.


This plugin grabs your recent phpBB forum topics for you to display in WordPress.


Displays news items from selectable Send2Press RSS feeds, inline, as a widget or in a theme. Multiple feeds allowed. Local caching.

All in One Video Pack

This plugin allows you to add an interactive video player that includes an upload/import tool and a web-based video mixer.

NoFollow Free

NoFollow Free removes the “nofollow” attribute from your WordPress blog’s comments (precisely from the author’s links) and/or from the comments text links and it inserts (if you want) an image band at the top of your pages with the phrase: “NOFOLLOW FREE”.

WP Wall

WP Wall is a “Wall” widget that appears in your blog’s side bar. Readers can add a quick comment about the blog as a whole, and the comment will appear in the sidebar immediately (without reloading the page).

Art Direction

This plugin allows you to have global archive and single page archive per post styles.


Lifestream displays your social feeds and photos much like you would see it on many of the social networking sites.




  1. Chetan (9 comments.) says:

    Thanks Ajay for including my plug-in in your list, this is my first plugin, and i am working towards next plugin release. :)

  2. Mattias (32 comments.) says:

    Every site using scripts like WP-CopyProtect will automatically be blacklisted on my computer. There is no reason wse to use something like that because you wont protect anything, only disable functions in the browser.

    • Brad Hart @ A DoFollow Blog (1 comments.) says:

      it is simply a tool for pretentious tools who think more of their value than they should.

      • johnbillion says:

        I agree, but I think ‘naive’ is more accurate than ‘pretentious’. Is there any word that is a mix of the two? That would be perfect.

  3. George Serradinho (107 comments.) says:


    did you see Autodownload spelled like Autodwonload on the wordpress website, funny hey.

  4. Monika (4 comments.) says:

    WP-CopyProtect : 1. to avoid the right click is absolut no way to protect your posts of copying! To copy a post: 100% using RSS Feeds!

    to disable the right click is horrible at 2008- I blacklist blogs too if I can’t use the right click on there site.


  5. Stephen Cronin (30 comments.) says:

    I’ll also say that WP-CopyProtect isn’t ideal.

    No offence to Chetan, but it doesn’t really protect your content. The real problem is people scraping feeds (or even the HTML source).

    It’s also terrible from a usability perspective. Note the other commentators talking about blacklisting such sites – that’s how strongly people feel about it. I use right click all the time to copy titles and URLs of blog posts I want to write about and link to. If you don’t want people to write about your posts, you’re not a real blogger!

    And of course, it’s pointless, because there’s a Greasemonkey script out there which enforces right click to be enabled (it overrides plugins such as this).

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