WordPress Plugin Releases for 11/30

November 30th, 2008
WordPress Plugins

New Plugins

Add to Feed

Add to Feed is a feed enhancement plugin that allows you to easily add a copyright notice and custom text/HTML to your WordPress blog feed. The custom text can be entered before and/or after the content of your blog post.

Amazon Plugin

Amazon shop plugin that allows a blogger to add products with Amazon associate ID embedded in it and earn revenue by showing Amazon products right into the blog posts.

Related Blog Links

This WordPress plugin will display the blog links related to your posts and pages.

Techytube XHTML

This plugin allows you to embed YouTube videos on your blog.

ZD YouTube FLV Player

Display FLV and YouTube Video in you blog in a Custom Player.

WordPress Gallery Slideshow

This plugin adds the JW Image Rotator to the WordPress Media.

Easy AdSenser

Easy AdSenser provides a very easy way to insert Google AdSense code into your existing blog posts.

Feed Comments Number

Add an image that displays the number of comments to your feed items.

Updated Plugins


The FormBuilder plugin is a WordPress plugin that allows the blog or website owner to easily and quickly create forms for display on their sites.


The SendFeed Plugin for WordPress allows you to send your latest post from your RSS feed to an external Mailing List Manager in both text and HTML formats.


This plugin will allow you to turn your WordPress website or blog into a money making machine while at the same time offering valuable additional related materials to your visitors. It will automatically search for and display products from which are specifically related to the topics you write about.


Authors can write a new Quiz question and answer for each post, fall back on a default question, or have no question at all. Commenters must correctly answer the question before their comment is submitted.

CaPa Protect

Protects Categories, Pages and Posts for specific users & anonymous visitor.

Side Content

Side Content enables you to create widgets which have different content on different pages.

Easy LaTeX

Easy LaTeX provides a very easy way to display math and equations in your posts.


Wp-Donators offer a smart donation function to auto-leave the sponsor information in a container after payment. Sponsor can donate and submit name/URL or TextLink ad, the information of the latest donors are displayed in the cloud. The more a person donations, the bigger their link will be.

Useful 404’s

Create more useful 404 error pages, including email notifications for bad links.




  1. bubazoo (213 comments.) says:

    Is there a plugin that is compatible with 2.6-2.7 that displays a random item from your Amazon wishlist? I used to have an old plugin like this, but it hadn’t been updated in years (pre 1.5) so I was wondering if anyone knows of such a plugin?

    • bubazoo (213 comments.) says:

      Also, does anyone know of a method to get the authors gravatar to show up in a blog entry? I want to put the author gravatar next to the title of the blog entry, like how Pressitforme is setup. I haven’t been able to get gravatars to show up anywhere but comments since WP added gravatar support.


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  2. […] WordPress Plugin Releases for 11/30 […]

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