WLTC Reader Survey Results

September 29th, 2008

We recently ran a reader survey to have you answer some basic questions that we had about Weblog Tools Collection and would like to thank all those who participated in the survey. We were not looking for specific answers but were trying to gauge some sentiments and help shape ourselves to serve you better. We are also looking for a better understanding of where we should spend our resources to provide the most value to our readers. In that spirit, most of the answers were helpful and some of the comments made us look a little closely at the mirror.

Here are the results from the survey

  1. Where did you first hear about Weblog Tools Collection?
    1. WordPress Dashboard 76.2%
    2. WordPress Planet 4.8%
    3. Google Search 11.9%
    4. Link from Another site 4.8%
    5. User Suggestions/Discussions 2.4%
    6. Other (please specify) 0.0%
  2. Are you subscribed to Weblog Tools Collection to receive daily updates?
    1. Subscribed via RSS 25.0%
    2. Subscribed via Email 0.0%
    3. Already on Dashboard 50.0%
    4. Read it on the web 23.8%
    5. Subscribed via other means 0.0%
    6. Other (please specify) 1.2%
  3. Satisfaction ratings for Weblog Tools Collection
    1. Overall satisfaction: 60% voted satisfied, 26% very satisfied
    2. Content: 50% voted satisfied, 35% very satisfied
    3. Design: 35% voted somewhat satisfied, 28% satisfied
    4. Format: 45% voted satisfied, 35% somewhat satisfied (leaning towards somewhat satisfied)
    5. Frequency of posts: 50% voted satisfied, 35% very satisfied
    6. Features of blog: 65% voted satisfied, 20% somewhat satisfied
  4. Advertisements
    1. Are they usable? 45% Undecided, 35% No
    2. Have you ever clicked on any of them? 65% No, 35% Yes
    3. Are there too many ads? 45% No, 35% Undecided
    4. Are you an advertiser? 95% No
  5. Site Features
    1. Did you know that we offer a news forum? 55% No, 40% Yes
    2. Did you know that we have a video site? 50% No, 40% Yes
    3. Did you know that we have offer translations in 9 languages? 50% Yes, 35% No
    4. Would you participate in future surveys to help us make the site better? 90% Yes
    5. Did you know that registered users see far fewer ads? 80% No, 13% Not Important

The final question asked how we could improve the user experience on Weblog Tools Collection and about a quarter of the respondents sent us comments. Many of the answers were critical of our design. One simile in particular to a web 0.1 site made me shiver. There were comments on removing some of the ads and suggestions on how to make our posts better with more plugin reviews and more articles on design, development and WordPress technology. The primary sentiments expressed in the polls were also reflected in the detailed comments. We appreciate your feedback. Your opinion matters to us and helps us make the right decisions.

Now where is that designer?




  1. Jeffro2pt0 (164 comments.) says:

    Awesome to see that so many people ended up taking the survey. I had a feeling based on previous comments I have read on archived articles that people would take issue with the design of WLTC. I’ve always felt that WLTC would rock our socks with a portal like front page which showcased the latest news from the forum, last 5 plugin posts, last 5 theme release posts and then a block of articles which makes up WLTC such as news, links etc. I believe WLTC offers more than enough content to make a portal like design work very well.

    Thanks for sharing the survey results with the public.

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