WordPress Plugin Releases for 09/28

September 28th, 2008
WordPress Plugins

G4B Photo Gallery

G4B Photo Gallery is a free, flexible plugin for WordPress. It provides a simple and effective way to include a complete gallery anywhere on your site, just by typing in a keyword.

Avatars for Comment Feeds

It will allow you to add avatars or gravatars of comment-authors to the comment-feeds of your WordPress-blog.

WP Mollom

This is a plugin that brings the anti-spam power of Mollom to WordPress. WP-Mollom protects your website against comment and trackback spam. The difference with other spam services is that Mollom takes care of everything. The idea is to relieve you, the administrator, editor, maintainer,… of whatever moderation or clean up tasks you would normally need to perform in order to keep your blog spamfree.


This plugin will help you and your readers to keep you on track for reaching your targets. We created this wordpress plugin that monitors the various blog goals and in an effort tries to engage your readers more effectively.

WordPress Menu Creator

The Brokers Edge developed this free plugin to provide website owners with true easy to manage easy to configure menu solution for WordPress or WordPress CMS sites.

WordPress Help Desk

WordPress Help Desk is a comprehensive integrated help desk and trouble ticketing system that helps site admin to support there users and resolve issues quickly. Users and support personnel can interact in real time to report, diagnose and resolve issues quickly and with as little pain as possible. [EDIT] This plugin is ONLY compatible with WordPress MU

Terms of Use

Instead of making the user agree to the Terms of Use when they join the site this plugin makes them agree to the terms and conditions the first time they login.

Yet another AJAX paged comments

When the user navigate through the comments via page selector,only the comments area will be send to the client,not the full page.This actually save your server load and bandwidth thus making your blog faster and more responsive.

Javascript Pull Quotes

The JavaScript Pull-Quotes plugin is an add-on for WordPress that allows you to easily insert pull-quotes into your posts and pages.




  1. Scott (3 comments.) says:

    Uh… lets edit the description on WordPress Help Desk… LOL Great selection and offering Ajay!!!

  2. Jonathan Dingman (83 comments.) says:

    That JSPullQuotes looks pretty sweet. I’m stoked to start using it.

    Thx Ajay!

  3. Scott (3 comments.) says:

    They missed the edit… LOL quickly and with as little pain ass possible. [EDIT] This plugin is ONLY compatible with WordPress MU

  4. Tadd (89 comments.) says:

    The Menu Creator is pretty promising but I’ve yet to get it to work right. I’ve been bashing away – hoping that SOMETHING I do will work – but alas, nothing yet.

    Good idea though.

  5. Jared ritchey (6 comments.) says:

    The menu creator does require a modification to the theme, what exactly is giving you the problem, maybe I can hash it out for you.

  6. Tinh (11 comments.) says:

    Good collection, thanks for sharing this. T

  7. Jared ritchey (6 comments.) says:

    Hey the Menu Creator does work with WordPress MU as well. I’m using it on and it allows each owner to edit their own menus


  8. Jared Ritchey (2 comments.) says:

    I’ve updated the Menu Creator and renamed it Menu Manager. I’ll be wrapping up a collection of sample menus as well to publish more detailed documentation.

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