WordPress Plugin Releases for 09/24

September 24th, 2008
WordPress Plugins


PhotoQ is a WordPress plugin that turns your blog into a photoblog. If you have a lot of pictures to post, PhotoQ is your ideal companion. With PhotoQ you can mass upload several photos at the same time thanks to its batch upload functionality.

Admin Drop Down Menus

Admin Drop Down Menus rearranges the existing default Dashboard/Admin menus into javascript driven dropdowns, making navigation around your WordPress Admin quicker, easier and considerably more efficient.

Viper’s Video Quicktags

Just simply click one of the new buttons that this plugin adds to the write screen (rich editor included) and then paste the URL that the video is located at into the prompt box.

Tabbed Widgets

Tabbed interfaces are the most common on newspaper type website where they can save a lot of vertical space and make it look less cluttered. This plugin allows you to create them.

Hatena Star

Hatena Star is a recommendation service for webpages, popular in Japan.

Blinko Broadcaster for WordPress

The Blinko Broadcaster Plugin gives any WordPress user the opportunity to create their own broadcasting page, by signing up to an evaluation account to Blinko just by filling in an email address, all through a user-friendly interface in the Admin Panel.

WP MarkitUp

WP MarkItUp! is the WordPress plugin that replaces the old “quicktags” toolbar with MarkItUp!, a jQuery plugin written by Jay Salvat that allows to turn any textarea into an highly customizable markup editor.

Find and Replacer

Find and replacer is a powerful search plugin for replacing tags and text throughout your blog installation.

WP Easy Digg

The plugin will add a digg button to every post, so your readers could digg the post if they really like it.




  1. Jason (75 comments.) says:

    I’ve been using the Admin Drop Down for a while, and it’s saved quite a bit of time. The Opera Mobile browser has trouble with it, though.

  2. Eurico Leite (3 comments.) says:

    Is it me or you guys are always recommending the same plugins?

  3. Wes G (2 comments.) says:

    Thanks for the link to my Find and Replacer plugin!

  4. George Serradinho (23 comments.) says:

    Thanks for the plugins. I agree with Eurico, there are some plugins that you list a few times.

  5. Chris Bryant (12 comments.) says:

    I see the top banner to take a readers survey, but can find no link to it anywhere.

    • Mark Ghosh (386 comments.) says:

      Chris: The “reader survey” words should be a link. The fact that you missed it tells me that we made a bad choice in colors for the link. I apologize for the confusion.

  6. Chris Bryant (12 comments.) says:

    Aha! Thanks, Mark (I ran the cursor over everything *but* that :)).


  1. CodeScheme says:

    WordPress Plugin -…

    WP MarkItUp is not bad at all… Runs on the standard MarkItUp code, driven by jQuery and is a WP plugin.
    Tried it out by bodging in a Paypal “buy now” button to the editor, and it does ok, and would make putting in various extra functi…

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