WordPress Plugin Releases for 09/21

September 21st, 2008
WordPress Plugins

Score Render

This plugin renders inline sheet music fragments inside posts and comments into images. It supports ABC, GUIDO, Lilypond and Mup music notations

C4F Textarea Toolbar

C4F Textarea Toolbar is a plugin for WordPress aimed at providing a simple yet very useful and precise tool to insert emoticons and markup in the comments’ textarea.

BlogWell’s Simple Image Link Widget

Simple Image Link lets you easily add images to your sidebar, be they advertisements, buttons of support or buttons of protest without the need for any HTML.

WP More Feeds

Generate RSS feeds for category and tag archive pages.

Disable Password Protection

Disable the ability for users to password protect certain posts.

wpNamed Users

Intranet / Extranet plugin for WordPress that allows users to specify which users can access specific posts or pages.

MTR Podcast Recorder

MTR Podcast Recorder offers real-time recording that is saved on the same server where WordPress is installed. All recordings will be saved into the MP3 format using LAME encoder.




  1. Jason (75 comments.) says:

    wpNamed Users looks pretty slick. Much nicer than setting up post passwords and other access controls :)

  2. Otto (215 comments.) says:

    It’s worth noting that WP More Feeds only adds new link tags into your header to advertise the category and tag feeds. It doesn’t create any new feeds itself, WordPress already can generate tag and category feeds.

  3. Metadot (1 comments.) says:

    WordPress is not, and will never be, an extranet. Why do people insist on trying to shoehorn a blog into every web tool category.

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