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Cut and Paste for iPhone from Cali Lewis on Vimeo.

OpenClip has come up with the much desired free application framework for the iPhone to copy, cut and paste content. It works with the WordPress iPhone application by placing the copied data to a shared location in the iPhone memory which is then accessed by other applications. The application was released on (who were at WordCamp Dallas and are WordPress aficionados) and seems to be getting a good response.

Anyone test it out yet?

[EDIT] As pointed out by Jason in the comments, OpenClip is not an application by itself but a framework that can be used by iPhone app developers to add the copy and paste functionality to their applications. OpenClip will only support copying and pasting of text between applications that support the OpenClip framework.




  1. Braggus (3 comments.) says:

    Don’t own a iphone yet so send me one.
    I know some people who does own a iphone and do miss the copy & paste feature. I’ll forward this message to them and see if they are willing to test the application.


  2. Mary-Ann (1 comments.) says:

    From what I understand about this it relies on the app developer building it in so if I want to copy from an email and paste into WP I’m going to have a long wait…

  3. Jason Hansen (15 comments.) says:

    OpenClip is not an application for your iPhone/iPod Touch that can be installed. It’s a framework that developers can integrate within their apps, giving them copy / paste functionality with other participating apps. Is this already built-in the WordPress app for the iPhone/iPod Touch or will this be in the next update/release?

    • Mark Ghosh (386 comments.) says:

      Very good point Jason. Updated post. The WordPress app, as it is available from the App store, should incorporate this framework.

  4. Jason Hansen (15 comments.) says:

    I don’t have any other participating apps installed on my iPod Touch, therefore I cannot try this yet. At this point, it appears that content can only be brought into the WordPress app, correct?

  5. Michael Watson (2 comments.) says:

    It was my understanding that in the video she was using versions that were not released to the public yet. Although MagicPad does have that functionality built in already.


  1. […] college student has developed an open-source framework for implementing copy and paste functionality, system-wide, on the iPhone without violating Apple’s developer SDK agreement. Go college […]

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