WP Themes Directory: Matt & Joseph Discussion


Matt Mullenweg & Joseph Scott Discuss The WordPress Themes Directory: Ian Stewart from ThemeShaper interviews Matt Mullenweg and Joseph Scott about the new WordPress Themes Directory. There are some insightful answers to questions about the new directory and the direction it is being taken. Quote from Matt (and agreed upon by Joseph) that is worthy of note:  . . . there are a ton of features coming soon that will be my favorite.




  1. Cool! I heard Matt Mullenweg speak once a few months ago and he talked a bit about the theme directory, and said to stay tuned for new features. I was surprised how down to earth he was too – really cool, normal guy. Still jealous that he has as his domain!

  2. ChaosKaizer (62 comments.) says:

    Good interview, so with the upcoming WP 2.7 only themes in “WordPress theme directory” will br able to to have an auto-update features (ala plugins update). That is interesting.

  3. pututik (1 comments.) says:

    Pray full for wordpress team and others who support it, we love it

  4. Mystic Madness (1 comments.) says:

    things have changed a lot but its always good to get background. thnaks for post. you have a real nice site.

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