WordCamp San Francisco Speakers Announced

August 6th, 2008

The speaker list for the grand daddy of all WordCamps, WordCamp San Francisco has been announced. The list includes many notable people such as Lloyd Budd, Matt Mullenweg and others. Here are the details.

When - Saturday, August 16, 2008
Where - Mission Bay Conference Center, San Francisco — Map
Why - To get WordPress users together, learn from each other, figure out the future of publishing the web, and have a good time.

Sam Bauers – Sam will be speaking about upgrading WordPress and how to do it hassle free.

Lloyd Budd – Lloyd will be discussing the aspect of switching to WordPress. I’ll be particularly interested in what Lloyd has to say in terms of migrating from one system to WordPress.

Aaron Brazell – Aaron should be no stranger to most within the WordPress community. He’ll be discussing the aspect of search and findability.

Tantek Celik – Tantek will be discussing a subject I’m not too familiar with and that is Microformats. He’ll be discussing their past, present and future.

Jeremy Clarke – Jeremy will talk about democratizing the web through global voices.

Tom Coastes – Tom’s sessions will be about ‘something’. According to the speaker list, they have him listed as mystery meat.

Liz Danzico – Liz will be talking about Crazyhorse, the new branch of WordPress which is used as a User Interface testing bed.

Ben Huh – Ben huh who runs the I Can Has Cheezburger blog will be talking about LOLcats as well as the topic of virility.

Noel Jackson – Noel who is known for producing the Monotone WordPress theme will be talking about color theory and the making of Monotone.

Mark Jaquith – Mark, author of the popular Subscribe to comments plugin will be discussing secure coding with WordPress. A topic that all plugin authors should be interested in.

Chris Lea – Chris will be speaking about Nginx for Fun and Profit.

Alan Levine – Alan will be talking about the future of education and WordPress. It will be interesting to see how many educational institutions are tapping into WordPress and what they are doing with the platform.

SEO Rapper – That’s right, Chuck Lewis also known as the SEO Rapper will be performing at the event. That should be fun!

Matt Mullenweg – You can’t have a WordCamp without Matt Mullenweg! His session will be about the state of WordPress.

Will Norris – Will (will) be talking about OpenId, OpenAuth, and OpenStandards. Perhaps this session will unearth the possibility of WordPress supporting OpenID out of the box, sometime in the future.

Stephen O’ Grady – Stephen will be discussing open source business models. I imagine a prime example of such a company who is currently operating under an open source business model is Automattic. This session should be very interesting to those who don’t believe open source and business model should be in the same sentence.

Andy Peatling – Andy Peatling, the creator of the BuddyPress project will be on hand to discuss the state of BuddyPress.

Joseph Scott – Joseph will be talking about the WordPress APIs as well as the iPhone. will be interesting to learn where the WordPress APIs are going and how the team plans on extending or using the API for future versions of WordPress.

Kathy Sierra – Kathy will be talking about a subject that is very interesting to me right now and that is, kicking ass and creating passionate users. Passionate users are something I think all bloggers would like to have but never succeed in doing so.

Andy Skelton – Andy will be on hand to perform live.

Lorelle Van Fossen – Another WordCamp fan favorite Lorelle Van Fossen, will on hand to provide bloggers with 260 different ways to break WordPress.  If anyone can break WordPress, It’s Lorelle. Someone get this session on Ustream!

Jane Wells – Jane will also be discussing the Crazyhorse branch of WordPress.

Jeremy Zilar – Jeremy will be discussing how the New York Times transformed into using WordPress. I bet this will be an interesting session as well considering how large of a site the New York Times is.

Thats it. Those are the people who will be sharing their abundance of knowledge this year at WordCamp San Francisco. For those of you attending the event, you must choose wisely which sessions you plan on attending considering this is a one day event. The schedule has yet to be posted so keep an eye out on the official WordCamp San Francisco website for details.

For Those Attending:

Which of these sessions appears to be the most interesting to you? Also, if you will be Ustreaming, live blogging or Twittering the event, be sure to comment and leave us a link so those of us who are not able to make it this year can at least pretend we are there in real-time with your updates.




  1. Kathy Sierra says:

    I would never miss a chance to hear/see Liz Danzico. I’m really looking forward to WordCamp–I’m going primarily because of how much Matt really cares about (and “gets”) keeping both developers/users motivated. See you there?

  2. Rebecca (3 comments.) says:

    Great line up! Hoping to have a small sampling of that WordPress enthusiasm at BarCamp Vancouver’s mini ‘WordCamp’ sessions this September as well.

  3. Mark Jaquith (4 comments.) says:

    If you are going, make sure to ask him why the team has decided to incorporate so many plugins into the core of 2.7.

    We haven’t. This Codex page is a list of proposed features. Anyone who was in the IRC channel at the time could have made a proposal. For instance, Subscribe to Comments, Comment Threading, and Sitemaps are all very unlikely to make it in. They didn’t get a lot of support, and even the items up there with a bunch of votes aren’t guaranteed to be included. Hang tight, we’ll lock down the new features over the next month or so.

    Kathy, looking forward to meeting you. I really enjoyed your SXSW talk.

  4. Mark Ghosh (386 comments.) says:

    Mark Jaquith brings up a very good point that I believe requires re-iteration. The list of proposed features mentioned on were just that, proposed features. In hindsight, I realize that though they were repesented as proposed, some of the other language might have sounded a lot more definite.

    I will edit the post.

  5. Muhammad Rabiul Islam (1 comments.) says:

    Great line up! Hoping to have a small sampling of that WordPress enthusiasm at BarCamp Vancouver’s mini ‘WordCamp’ sessions this September as well.

    Thanks for all
    Muhammad Rabiul Islam
    3D Artist

  6. Jason Menayan (1 comments.) says:

    Ben Huh’s going to talk about virality virility. That should be interesting…

  7. Rob (8 comments.) says:

    Kathy Sierra session sounds good for me. I write about usability issues and it can be a little dry.

  8. Ozh (88 comments.) says:

    ROFL @ the SEO wrapper, this will be fun, I hope we get an official WP Rap after the event :)

    • Jeff Chandler (295 comments.) says:

      I’m pretty sure I have read that the SEO Rapper does indeed have a WP Rap in store for attendees of the event.

  9. Lorelle (10 comments.) says:

    I’m so looking forward to this WordCamp. It’s going to be such fun.

    However, my program will be “260 Ways to Break WordPress” not the 450 tips thing. That was meant to be a joke and got lost in the tech translation. :D Still, trying to fit 260 ways to break WordPress into the short presentation might be incentive enough for people to stick around. hee hee

    I’m so excited to see old faces and meet new. What an incredible line up! I’m so honored to be a small part.

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