WordPress Plugin Releases for 07/29

July 29th, 2008
WordPress Plugins

Breadcrumb Titles For Pages

This plugin modifies wp_title() (the function used to create the title of your website to output all parent Pages when viewing a Page.

Allow Numeric Stubs

Starting with WordPress 2.5, there is a bug where you cannot have a child Page that’s stub is a number. For example this will not work: /about/5/. That URL conflicts with paged content feature where you can posts and Pages with multiple pages of content by adding <!--nextpage--> within your content.

This plugin allows you to have children Pages with numbers as stubs by giving up the ability to have paged Pages which isn’t a big deal as most people don’t use paged Pages anyway.


Converts either a static Page into a Post, or a Post into a static Page! Just click on the Manage tab in the Admin interface, and click the Posts or Pages sub-tab.

Status Press Widget

Adds a Facebook Status Widget to display your Facebook status in your sidebar. Based on Status Press plugin (not required!) by Adam Walker Cleaveland & C. Scott Andreas.

Customizable Search Widget

Adds a Customizable Search Widget to give you more control over how the search box looks on your sidebar.

List Drafts Widget

List Drafts is a simple sidebar widget which outputs a list of the titles of all posts currently saved as drafts. Users can set the title of the widget, and add a label to be used for all untitled drafts.

Post and Page Excerpt Widgets

Creates widgets that display excerpts from posts or pages in the sidebar. You may use ‘more’ links and/or link the widget title to the post or page.

And, while on the topic of plugins, take a look at Clever Carrot’s 10 WordPress Plugins to Grow Great Sites.




  1. wangyh (4 comments.) says:

    Breadcrumb Titles For Pages:Useful.

  2. Ken (2 comments.) says:

    Yahoo for Allow Numeric Stubs! Solved the problem I’ve been having since 2.5.

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