WordPress Tips for 7/27


Image alignment within a WordPress post: WordPress 2.5 introduced floating image alignment within text on a post. This feature does not work on certain themes. Thanks to Jason for asking the question and to Sadish for the solution. Final thought: it would also be nice if a few gallery formatting options were available through the default interface instead of having to modify the shortcode and/or introduce hacks.

WordPress Search as a custom Google Search without addition page or post: Add a custom Google Search to your WordPress blog (and make search advertising dollars?) without too much of a hassle. Complete instructions and examples are included in the post.

Create a Flash Arcade site using WordPress: This set of instructions will help you convert a simple WordPress blog into a Flash arcade site. Pretty cool with detailed instructions on the transition.

Here is a tip which I stumbled upon accidentally, that is somewhat unrelated to WordPress. Visit a NYTimes page such as a news item and double click on a single word. You will need a free registration to view that page or have to be logged in if you are registered already. The javascript file that adds the functionality in question is copyrighted to and I wonder if a WordPress plugin exists for the same.




  1. Nikolay Bachiyski (2 comments.) says:

    You can use the javascript from

  2. gestroud (1 comments.) says:

    Answer Links is available as a plugin on Alex King’s site. I don’t know if it’s compatible with WP 2.6

  3. Mark Ghosh (386 comments.) says:

    Thanks for the suggestions Nikolay and gestroud. Sounds like they are part of the same project. I wonder what people think of this feature. I personally am somewhere between annoyance and usefulness.

  4. Jason Hansen (15 comments.) says:

    Thanks for the link & help!

  5. Matt Algren (5 comments.) says:

    I absolutely hate the NYT double click pop-ups. I’m one of those people who constantly clicks around while I’m reading, and it’s gotten to the point where I try to find the article from someone else first.

    Thanks for the tip on the image centering. I’ve wondered what the purpose was for the added classes.

  6. ajua (19 comments.) says:

    I just wish the Insert Image dialog is brought back. Is there any tips on how to disable the automatic posting of photo info below images?

    Thanks for the image aligning tip.

  7. Matt Algren (5 comments.) says:

    ajua, I did a quick search and according to this blog, you need to add the following to your theme’s functions file:

    function no_caption($deprecated, $attr, $content) { return $content; };
    add_filter(’img_caption_shortcode’, ‘no_caption’, 10, 3);

    I haven’t tried this yet, but I’m adding it now.

  8. ChaosKaizer (62 comments.) says:

    @ajua, you can also hardcode it inside wp-config.php


  9. Claude Gelinas (5 comments.) says:

    The Google Custom Search tutorial is very well explained, thanks for sharing it ; )

  10. Chris Osborne (3 comments.) says:

    About that answer links “feature,” I hate that sort of thing. I click on the page for a variety of reasons. If I wanted to look something up I would do it all by myself.

  11. diseño web says:

    Great tip the one about image alignment

  12. Brad (5 comments.) says:

    With all the other native image problems in wordpress 2.5 there were a lot of really good image plugins that took care of the floating image issues.

  13. Rob (8 comments.) says:

    I know the image alignment doesn’t work right on my theme, but I just manually type tell the image where to float. I’ll have to try the plugin. Worked fine in 2.5

  14. copsworld says:

    I for one am glad to see these tips. I am so tired of stumbling through the WP forum.

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