WordPress Plugin Releases for 07/19

July 19th, 2008
WordPress Plugins

Open Book Book Data

Insert OpenBook tags and a book’s ISBN into a post, and OpenBook will replace it with a book cover, title, author and publisher. It links to more book details at its data source, Open Library (

Fluency Admin

A plugin that beautifies and enhances the default WordPress Admin interface.


SuperLinks is a WordPress 2.5+ plugin that replaces the standard Links sidebar widget. SuperLinks gives the site owner greater control over how links in the sidebar are displayed. For example, one can choose to display all links categories or only a single links category. Additionally, a site owner may have any number of SuperLinks widgets in the sidebar.

JavaScript Pull Quotes

The JavaScript Pull-Quotes plugin is an add-on for WordPress that allows you to easily insert pull-quotes into your posts and pages.


MultiSiteManager (MSM) is a WordPress plugin which will perform two of the most important tasks of an administrator: backups and upgrades. MSM can manage any number of WordPress installations from one “master” WP installation. (To manage a WordPress website with MSM, you need FTP access to the site.)

Internal Link Building

Allows people to define a keyword as always linking to a given URL. This allows you to link within your site like Wikipedia, and rank accordingly.




  1. Justin Tadlock (51 comments.) says:

    Internal Link Building looks way cool. It would definitely help, so long as users don’t abuse it by linking every other word in their post.

  2. Durkin (1 comments.) says:

    Internal link building is a beast! Downloading that now :)

  3. Joe Cole (9 comments.) says:

    I’m interested in MultiSiteManager ;-)

  4. roffi (1 comments.) says:

    i like the internal link building.. ready to download!!

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