WordPress Plugin Releases for 07/14

July 14th, 2008
WordPress Plugins

Version Creator

This plugin have made to put your site’s version on it. You can give your version number, version name, version note whatever you want and the release date organize automatically.


With picasaView you can easily view your picasaweb-albums in your WordPress blog.

Tagline Rotator

The Tagline Rotator plugin does pretty much what it sounds like it would do: it randomly selects a tagline (that’s the description of your blog beneath the title) from a list of user-compiled taglines, then displays it within your blog.

WordPress Tabs and Slides

WP-TabsAndSlides (in post items) Plugin gives you the ability to easily add content tabs and/or content slides. The tabs emulate a multi-page structure, while the slides emulate an accordion-like structure, inside a single page.


RSSCake is evolution from QuickRSS, a plugin to show RSS into your post and page. You can insert one or more feed into your post, RSSCake is still use SimplePie as feed parser.

Header Image Rotator

Displays a new header image in your blog based on different time variables. Simply create a folder called wp-contents/header-images/ and add as many pictures as your heart desires. Supported time intervals are per minute, half hour, hourly, daily, and weekly.

Context Ad Wrapper

This plugin will mark the key parts of a blog post so that context based ad services can identify the post content and comments for the best ad matching (thus avoiding the static content that is irrelevant for context ad matching). Clipart

Through a user friendly interface, search clip art library, select and add any image to your posts. No upload required. The plugin is very easy to use.


SuperLinks replaces the standard WordPress 2.5 Links widget with a more customizable one. With SuperLinks you can add as many Links widgets as you want, and set the display options for each widget. For instance, you can set which Links category is displayed on each block.




  1. Tadd (89 comments.) says:

    Ah man … I was lookin for something SIMILAR to SuperLinks except where I can add links within a page – so I could have a page called ‘Links’ on a website and have them all be called and formatted according to the directory … but, SuperLinks is sadly just a widget and I have no time to dig. Boo hiss.

  2. autworld (9 comments.) says:

    the link to Version Creator is not working, but great collection.

  3. Brad Hart (5 comments.) says:

    Instead of context wrap or google ad wraps you might as well go with Headspace 2. It has the feature included and is being maintained unlike All in one SEO pack which the author is abandoning.

  4. Tom says:

    Does anyone know of a plugin to allow an wav file to be imbedded in a post? I’d like to include a snippet of my voice on occasion.



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