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July 7th, 2008
WordPress Plugins

Vladimir Prelovac has come up with yet another cool plugin, this time called Live Blogroll. Live Blogroll replaces the default blogroll in that when a user hovers their mouse over a link, the rss feed from that site is aggregated in an Ajax created box showcasing the most recent (configured number) of posts. The Live Blogroll uses internal caching for feed discovery and WordPress caching for RSS feeds to keep everything from slowing down to a crawl.

Vladimir is on a roll in terms of creating cool WordPress plugins. This one is yet another shining example.




  1. Thomas Clausen (15 comments.) says:

    That is one extremely cool plugin :-)

    I’ve also been using his Theme test drive, which may be obsolete with WP 2.6 though, since this comes build in as far as I’ve heard.

  2. sailor (2 comments.) says:

    Very nice, Vladimir is definitely on a plugin roll these days. Thanks for the heads-up.

  3. Chetan (13 comments.) says:

    Good plugin there by Prelovac :)

    Btw offtopic – Can you tell me how to have that “Twit this” button in my blog?

  4. Scott Tribe says:

    If you’re using the Snap Shot plugin, would these 2 plugins conflict?

  5. ChaosKaizer (62 comments.) says:

    *thumbs up*. it might takes some times for the feeds to show-up (& cached) but this really great ideas. Thanks for sharing vladimir.

    sadly *thumbs down* for unxhtml implementation with live-blogroll plugins, it break the lists semantic never wrap a “li with span” (inline elements should never wrap block element or list elements).

    here’s a quick tips, disabled WPLiveRoll_ListBookmarksFilter and replace “.livelinks a” with “.blogroll a” inside wp-live-blogroll.js.php. its works wonder and doesnt break the html.

  6. Make money says:

    Thats a cool plugin.
    hope wordpress make it default :D

  7. Jacky Supit (2 comments.) says:

    i am confuse. so many people said that the plugin works on their blog, but i see no popup. and where is the demo? weird

  8. Roni (9 comments.) says:

    most Ajaxed plugin offers cool display, this one either

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