WordPress Theme Releases For 5/24


One Column Themes

WP Silver


WP Silver is a one-column theme with three widget-ready sidebars in the footer. The theme makes use of CSS drop down menu and Social Bookmarking reloaded plugin.

Two Column Themes



Mystefied is a two widget-ready theme column theme. The theme is simple and has a extended header where you can add content such as latest posts, popular posts, etc.



Deserta is a fixed-width, widget-ready 2 column theme with a right hand sidebar. The comments are gravatar-enabled and will work whether you’re using WP2.5 or lower. There’s also separation of user comments from pingbacks/trackbacks.



Structure is a two column, widget-ready theme which includes built-in video and image features that easily allow you to customize your site. There are content blocks that you can place virtually anywhere on the page.

Dark Room


Dark Room is a dark 2 column theme suitable for personal and photo blogging.



ScrewDriver is a two column widget ready theme. The theme has lots of nuts in it. Overall a decent theme which you can download and use.




  1. Booto (4 comments.) says:

    ScrewDriver is good in these.I like the theme.

  2. geblek (1 comments.) says:

    Structure I like the themes

  3. Jeff Chandler (295 comments.) says:

    You know, there are some good themes in this pack. I like the idea that dark room has. I realize Structure has undergone an update, but I am not sure if WLTC has a policy in regards to featuring the same theme twice or more than that, even if that same theme receives a major overhaul. But I do like what Justin has done with the theme.

    WP Silver is crisp, clean and stylish. Pretty good looking if you ask me.

    Last but not least, my favorite in this bunch is Scredriver. Even though I’m not heavily involved with construction or screwing people :P I believe the screwdriver theme has been put together quite well. It’s not often that you see an image heavy WP theme that looks good in the end.

  4. leeleaf (4 comments.) says:

    Structure is good, i like it

  5. chaoskaizer (62 comments.) says:

    this is the best theme release for this month, im liking all the themes.

    its good to see fresh and creative themes.

  6. Mark (386 comments.) says:

    Theme updates are fine and we have featured them in the past as long as they continue to meet our quality guidelines.

  7. libretto (19 comments.) says:

    Screwdriver en fran├žais est ici :

  8. WebTager (18 comments.) says:

    Thanks! Very original themes…

  9. Fritz (1 comments.) says:

    I agree, these are nice, thank you. I especially like Deserta.

  10. Cameroun (1 comments.) says:

    these there are one of the best. I would like to see some shoping cart themes

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