Farms 100 Big Ones Theme Pack


Farms 100 Big Ones Theme Pack: Download this 100 WordPress themes zip file (17MB) and upload them to your blog to have 100 themes to play around with. Many of these themes are older but they are all widgetized, have a bunch of bug fixes, are internationalized, work on both WordPress and WordPress Mu and they have been time tested on Edublogs. I normally would not suggest that users download themes from sources other than the original theme authors’ site, but this is offered from a trusted source and the convenience of a single zip file added to the additional testing and bug fixing performed by Edublogs, is the icing on the cake.

[EDIT] James provided a preview of all 100 themes here.




  1. WebTager (18 comments.) says:

    Thanks a lot! This is very big pack of wp themes.

  2. nathaniel (1 comments.) says:

    awesome! nice to have these all in one place. A list of included themes would be nice, but may be too much to ask :)

  3. Will (4 comments.) says:

    A list and screenshots? lol

  4. James Farmer (2 comments.) says:

    Here you go guys, a quick capture of all of the themes in action.

    I really should have included that in the original stuff, will do now and maybe Mark could add it to the post :)

  5. Facebook Babes says:

    Whoa that’s awesome, just downloaded it.

  6. Sam Deluri (1 comments.) says:

    Has any of these been updated lately? I see the last posts here are back from 208 – is there a more recent version available of the “100-big-one themes”?

  7. James Farmer (1 comments.) says:

    Very much so! All updated and added too here:


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