New AB Meta Markup Tools for WordPress

April 24th, 2008
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New ‘AB Meta’ Markup Tools Could Create a Smarter Web: Wired has an interesting article on a new set of tools from Adaptive Blue called AB Meta which could be used to easily add metadata to your blog pages that can in turn, be used by search engines to correctly categorize and annotate content. Dougal’s HeadMeta WordPress plugin can be used to insert AB Meta into your posts. The Wired article and the Adaptive Blue blog post have some examples on how this works and what should be done.

Disclosure: Adaptive Blue is an advertiser on this blog.




  1. Mistah P says:

    Thank you for the advertiser disclosure.

  2. Jason (75 comments.) says:

    Perhaps I’m just jaded from working in the software industry for so long, but this just looks like another poor implementation of yet another XML-like structure which will slow down the loading of websites.

    Just how many “new meta technologies” are required when so many people are already using existing tools to properly mark their pages? It seems that another company offers up another solution for an SEO problem that does not clearly exist every few months and tries to call it a standard.

    AB Meta’s solution reminds me an awful lot of something Microsoft tried to implement a few years back when they started going MS-XML crazy on all of their sites. All it managed to do was slow down their page load times, because very little they wrote ever made it to the top 20 results pages on Google or Yahoo :/

  3. noel (1 comments.) says:

    Wow! this is another technique that can enhance SEO.

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