WordPress Plugin releases for 4/7

April 7th, 2008
WordPress Plugins

Plugin Central

Plugin Central is a WordPress plugin management add-on to automatically install and update WordPress plugins. It works with WordPress 2.5+ only. Install plugin by typing the name of the plugin and allows you to install multiple plugins at once.

Release Page | Download

Login Error Cleanup

Returns the message “Error” when the username and password combination are invalid while logging into WordPress account. The message helps thwart attackers who are trying to guess username and passwords.

Release Page | Download


ReadySetFlickr will display a photo set from Flickr. Two options for layout display. Also supports a random and a most recent option.

Release Page | Download

Widgetized Admin Dashboard

Widgetized Admin Dashboard is a WordPress Plugin for 2.5+ that lets you edit the WordPress Dashboard in the Design > Widgets area.

Release Page | Download


KeywordLuv separates commentators name from their keywords in the link to their website, giving them improved anchor text.

Release Page | Download


Login-box is a plugin that inserts a hidden login box into all the pages that can be opened with Ctrl + E.

Release Page | Download




  1. G says:

    5 stars for login-box

  2. Marcus Danillo (2 comments.) says:

    Hey, G, thanks for the 5 stars ;)

    And Keith, thanks for the link!

  3. Wayne Liew (2 comments.) says:

    Plugin Central is one plugin that I will try out and introduce it to my readers on my blogging tips blog.

  4. Igor Penjivrag (4 comments.) says:

    Great list Keith, although you could also mention Author Exposed ;)

  5. Jason DeVelvis (9 comments.) says:

    Thanks for the link to Widgetized Admin Dashboard, Keith!

  6. Missy Diaz (1 comments.) says:

    I’m gonna try out the Flickr plug-in. More functionality is always good.


  7. larry says:

    login box looks good on the surface… when using opera9.27 and the combo control+e it opens an email window in addition to the log in box.

  8. Jagdu (1 comments.) says:

    KeywordLuv is awesome. I don’t know if the login box is very necessary however.

  9. divva (1 comments.) says:

    Great list, we will be honored to be listed in your blog
    just try our DivvaFlip plugins a page flipping engine with a very easy
    backoffice and working with WordPress 2.3 and 2.5 ! :-)
    you have already a Nextgen it’s great you can do it in minutes
    if you have wP 2.5 that’s great to we prepare a direct connection to the embedded media gallery of WP2.5
    Have a glance here
    feel free for your feedback

  10. Marcus Danillo (2 comments.) says:

    Larry, you can change the keycomb of the Login-box.

  11. Angel (1 comments.) says:

    I like the KeywordLuv and installed it in my site. Thanks. I hope this will encourage commenters on my blog.

  12. Afiliate Funnel System (1 comments.) says:

    I’ve been using KeywordLuv and it’s great as it improved my search engine ranking tremendously. I’ve been recommending it to every WordPress blogger I know.


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