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March 4th, 2008
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Jeremy Clarke mentioned to me about a way to search the Codex, WordPress support area and the plugin repository all from within FireFox. If you support users as I do in the WordPress IRC chat room, there are a lot of times where I do a search on the Codex to look up the page for a certain function that someone is inquiring about. Thanks to Jeremy’s tip, I no longer have to visit the actual page to perform a search.

If you visit the MyCroft page on you’ll notice a number of links that you can click on. Each one of these links are a search engine plugin that was coded for FireFox. What this means is that, you can add WordPress specific search engines to the search engine tool bar within FireFox which is usually occupied by Google by default.

In order to install a SE plugin, simply click on the link that represents the search engine you want to have installed. For example, if you want the WordPress Codex to be one of the search engines within FireFox, click on the WordPress Codex plugin name. Upon clicking on the plugin name, FireFox will ask you if you would like to add the search engine to the list of search engines available in the search bar. Clicking the ADD button will add that specific SE to the list of choices within the search bar.

This tip has been an awesome time saver. Not only can I quickly answer questions in the chat room, but it is more convenient to search the plugin repository from within my browser than to actually search from the actual page.




  1. kosir (8 comments.) says:

    done! :) This will really save me some time and clicks. It’s weird tho that I never though about this before. I have all my favorite SE and sites added. Of course not all only those that have FF SE addon or whatever this is called.

  2. Ryan Jensen (1 comments.) says:

    Try Quick Searches, they’re even better! Right-click in the search box of the web site you like (the Codex for example) and select “Add a keyword for this search …”

    That way, instead of selecting the Codex search from the drop-down list in the search field, you can simply type “codex: [keyword]” into your address bar and the results page appears.

  3. Nicki (1 comments.) says:

    MyCroft is neat, but I’ve come to rely on adding my own via the Add to Search Bar plugin. :)

  4. badMike (6 comments.) says:

    As a media writer, I’ve added a ton of MyCroft search engines to Firefox so I can quickly search my favorite sites for movie info. Those Quick Searches rock.

  5. Lorelle (10 comments.) says:

    With all the changes in WordPress and FireFox, it is so wonderful to know that the MyCroft Codex search still functions after all this time. Thanks for reminding us.

  6. Group Writing Projects (6 comments.) says:

    Nice timing, just 2 days ago I added WP Forums manually using the Add to Search Bar plugin but like Lorelle implied, I’d forgotten about the mycroft site. thanks :)


  7. Frank (4 comments.) says:

    A other easy way to added a search to FF and IE7: opensearch and WordPress


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