WordPress Theme Releases for 2/14


One Column Themes


Many a times you may buy a new domain but may not have the time to launch the new blog immediately. The LaunchPad theme acts as a domain parking theme so that you can show a customized message to readers till you are ready to launch the blog.

Demo | Release Page | Download


Stripped is a one column theme with three sidebars in the footer area. The theme is simple and is available in multiple colors such as blue, pink, green, red, orange and purple. The author meta for the post features to the left side of the post.

Demo | Release Page | Download

Two Column Themes

Be Mine

Be Mine is a two column WordPress theme specially made for Valentine’s. The theme is available in one column and two columns in different colors such as pink, blue, purple and green.

Release Page | Preview / Download

Three Column Themes


Uncrufty is a no-frills three column theme with minimum use of colors. The theme comes with two sidebars and a medium width content area. The colors are used are variants of blue.

Demo | Release Page | Download


Velocity is a three column theme with vibrant colors. It has one sidebar on each side of the content area. The colors are made up of different shades of brown. The content area is wide enough to hold medium sized images.

Demo | Release Page | Download




  1. Tadd (89 comments.) says:

    LaunchPad looks promising. Though in general I just create the WordPress install in a different folder and then when I’m ready to launch I change the settings in my domain admin for my hosting – but this nice splash may be worth it with the ‘newsletter signup’ area. Promising.

  2. jez (56 comments.) says:

    Hey keith, if you get a chance, can you take a look at Rainbow Feather v3? I posted it in the theme forums, thanks

  3. Jeremy Clark (6 comments.) says:

    Just to let you know the description of the Stripped theme is a little off. It says the author meta data is on the left when in fact it’s on the right. Not to nitpick or anything. :)


  1. Extraface says:

    The LaunchPad WordPress Theme As A Hipster Domain Holding Page…

    I haven’t made much progress in deciding on what to use as a hipster domain holding page system since I last wrote on the subject. In short, that’s some kind of page to use as a placeholder on all of those oh-so-clever URLs you’re sto…

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