WordPress Theme Releases for 1/8


Antropov is a 3-column, light-colored theme built on the Cutline theme.

Brilliance is a 2-column theme with a very simple, clean layout and design.

Deadwood-lite is a 2-column, minimal theme primed for writers who want to focus their online efforts on readability, pull quotes, and clarity.

Dilectio is a 3-column theme with artistic stylings.

Hardcover is a 2-column theme with crisp design and typography.

Landis is a 2-column theme with two customizable options for the site title and tagline.

SparkWP is a 2-column, minimalistic, light-on-dark theme.

Webdesign is a 2-column theme with light-blue colors. (Download page is Dutch.)

Why walk alone? is a bright beachscape theme available in 2- and 3-column varieties.




  1. Jeffro2pt0 (164 comments.) says:

    Welcome back from vacation Jim.

  2. dennis (4 comments.) says:

    Many thanks for including ‘Antropov’ in the list!

  3. Bloggero (4 comments.) says:

    it’s been a long since you post your last wordpress theme. I like the antropov theme. It’s good. :)

  4. charles (1 comments.) says:

    finally, was worried you were not posting anymore. LOL Hey keep up the good work I love this site.

  5. Tadd (89 comments.) says:

    Antropov, Deadwood Light, Dilectio, Webdesign Why Walk Alone are my favorites here. SparkWP is pretty nice, but it doesn’t really GRAB at me personally.

    Welcome back Jim. Hope your vacation was a restful one!

  6. Kurt (1 comments.) says:

    What a nice set of themes! The best crop in a long time.

  7. Flash McDirt says:

    I kind of liked the look of Why Walk Alone, but I get nothing but errors when I activate it. I’m using WP 2.3.2 so I’m definitely up-to-date. I’m guessing that theme author has some work to do, as all of the errors seem to be bad function calls.

  8. jay (1 comments.) says:

    Flash McDirt, I run the latest version of WordPress on the live preview installation as well. It is a vanilla installation with no plugins (except the theme switcher).


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