The Next Social Network: WordPress

December 12th, 2007
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The Next Social Network: WordPress Nice article on WordPress as the next Social Network with a look at blogs being more important than an integrated social networking space. I personally like blogs better than any of the other social networking tools that I use but they serve their own purpose. I would have to work harder to achieve the same results as LinkedIn if I were to use a blog for that purpose. I guess if I were to look for the next killer app, which these alpha users seem to be doing, I would be looking at blogs (and WordPress) as well.




  1. J.P. (6 comments.) says:

    We´re developing a plugin to make wordpress more “social”.

  2. J.P. (6 comments.) says:

    Sorry, the comment went incomplete.

    I was saying, we´re working in a plugin to socialize WordPress: Nicer profiles, favorites, last comments, friends, and plenty other interesting stuff.

    Would you like to sing up for a beta?

    If anybody else would, please leave a comment here.

  3. Tadd (89 comments.) says:

    J.P. I’d be interested – drop me a line at tadd (AT) studeio646 . com and I’d be very interested!

    And I think WordPress has made MASSIVE leaps and bounds, especially toward being the all-in-one package. Honestly I’ll start using WP for any and all projects I am involved in.

    Love the WP.

  4. Jeffro2pt0 (164 comments.) says:

    I couldn’t agree more with this article. I’ve been thinking about writing an article like this on my own for quite some time now.

  5. Chris Peters (1 comments.) says:

    I hate being Mr. Negative, but doesn’t LiveJournal fulfill the “LiveJournal as Social Network” gap? I guess I just don’t see how WordPress would capture a mainstream audience.

  6. gestroud says:

    J.P. I’m definitely interested. gestroud -AT-

  7. Sandman (1 comments.) says:

    JP, shoot it over this way! sandy {at}

  8. david (7 comments.) says:

    I think it’s called Drupal.

  9. Paul (1 comments.) says:

    At present, WordPress is still too tech for most people, i.e. the average joe has no interest in setting up a blog, and for that reason social networking will not be surpassed by the technical community. Facebook / Bebo etc are build for the masses. Until WordPress bridges that gap with ease, it will be very much limited to a technical audience. Sites like Mybloglog atm are bridging that Gap, so maybe there is mileage in it.

  10. Living PLush (1 comments.) says:

    Hey JP…

    Definitely interested here. 3 Blogs at Would love to streamline everything :-D

  11. J.P. (6 comments.) says:

    I´m taking notes of all mails here. So when beta is put, you´ll be there.

    Any suggestions, help and love at juanlanteri(at)gmail

  12. johno (2 comments.) says:

    I’d love to get my hands on the Beta (this is just the kind of thing I’ve been after for my own site).
    jboardley {{@}} gmail dot com

  13. Amir Quraishi (1 comments.) says:

    I run several WP Blogs include MU. Any Social Tool would just do wonders for a lot of us. I almost see that it will move WP into a new genre… which they haven’t fully played in, natively.

    Awesome Idea!!!


  14. gameblox (1 comments.) says:

    You guys should have a look at He’s also trying to make WordPress (MU) more social.


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