Comment Stupidity Filter On Its Way

November 23rd, 2007
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Comment Stupidity Filter On Its Way: Interesting site pointed out by WebProNews about a comment stupidity filter that could differentiate between sarcasm and stupidity (and I presume spam is stupid). Apparently, stupid comments (as opposed to stupid people) tend to use more consonants and more clever comments use more vowels. This can get pretty offensive! CNN Money, where this was originally noticed, must have been having a slow day.

The solution we’re creating is simple: an open-source filter software that can detect rampant stupidity in written English…. we’re collecting a ranked corpus of stupid text, gleaned from user comments on public websites and ranked on a five-point scale.

Interesting. I hope the StupidFilter folks have spent some time thinking about internationalization of comments and encoding standards in their upcoming WordPress plugin. I can see spam comments in the form of a bunch of vowels and/or commenters being really self-conscious about what they write. It would however, be cool if someone could come up with a plugin that uses the information from StupidFilter to test various posts and comments. I sure would like to know how stupid I am!

[EDIT] Enjoy some random stupidity, courtesy of StupidFilter.




  1. Jenny (28 comments.) says:

    haha that’s awesome. My blog could definately use that.

  2. raincoaster (5 comments.) says:

    Aw man, the stupid comments are the best! If you can’t make fun of stupid people’s comments, what freedom is left in this cold, cruel universe?

  3. Daniel (38 comments.) says:

    Any chance they could potentially launch an off-shoot development, for a ‘stupid news filter’ for RSS aggregation? That would probably weed-out at least half the media, but man, would things load really really fast. (By the way, I’m sure the use of ‘really really’ in order to emphasize the speed would force my comment to be filtered.)

  4. BoltClock (24 comments.) says:

    Sounds really interesting, I’m looking forward to its release!

    Though forums need that filter more than anything else does.

  5. srik says:

    hope it works, saves me time deleting all the useless coments i get

  6. G says:

    youtube is a gold mine

  7. Jason (75 comments.) says:

    I’d like to see the very same thing tool for blog posts. There are quite a few bloggers out there that claim to be bloggers, yet only post a sentence fragment that is nothing more than a link to some other site that actually has content.

    While I can appreciate these “author’s” attempts at sharing great posts from around the internet, if they have nothing to say or add, then they’re not really blogging :P

  8. redwall_hp (40 comments.) says:

    Next they will add a feature “Your stupidity level.” A green bar that ranges from 1 to 10 can be embedded on your website, and advertisers will use it to determine whether or not they should buy ads on your site.

  9. Mubin (1 comments.) says:

    Interesting, I just went through it and most of the comments are actually stupid and not sarcastic, this had me worried because I like to leave lots of sarcastic comments but seems this just might work.

  10. Emil (1 comments.) says:

    Next project they will work on should be `stupid posts` filter. However, I wonder if my WordPress would allow me post at all then.

  11. Simon Townley (1 comments.) says:

    Is there a personal filter for your browser – to stop one from making stupid comments?
    (Please let me know once it’s released).

  12. Nancye Jennings says:

    Stupidity needs a filter, but why do so many filters keep us from reading things on a WEB site that is part of a course we are taking? Filtering sometimes goes too far.

  13. BloggerOfTheWeb (1 comments.) says:

    I wonder how it works. How stupid a comment is depends on different individual’s perception. I do support such idea as I did see some comments in blogs that certainly did nothing but spamming. For such comments, I completely consider it as totally “stupid”.

  14. Billo (2 comments.) says:

    Google should buy the algorithm and use it for its index ;-)


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