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November 14th, 2007
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Why You Need to Make a Facebook Fan Page for Your Website NOW!: An interesting bunch of reasons why you should have a Facebook page for your blog or website. Sadly, I get addicted easily and once I got into Facebook, I could not stop. I created a page for this blog, created my profile and then started looking at their API which is incredible. It is a lot of fun to dabble in Facebook apps. Also, while I am at it, I apologize to the people that received a friend request (and either did not want to add me or were surprised by the request). My address book import did not go so well. Please ignore the request if you like.

If you have a Facebook page and would like some exposure, please leave a comment here or on the Facebook page for Weblog Tools Collection. Do you have a Facebook page yet? Have you come across any WordPress related Facebook apps?




  1. Mads (4 comments.) says:

    I can recommend WordBook for your Facebook:

  2. Tyler @ BuildingCamelot (7 comments.) says:

    Never thought about starting a Facebook page for my blog. I may have to give it a try and see if it helps.

  3. Providene Daily Dose (1 comments.) says:

    We’ve got a facebook group, I’m not sure what the difference between having a group and having a fan page is, but either way it’s pretty cool. Usefull too, like when you want to tell a bunch of people about something going on on you blog, just send a message to all your Facebook friends, etc. If you really want to cover the spread get a myspace page too.

    • Gina says:

      I do have a Facebook page and then created a group page. I have noticed that there is NO action on my group page. I want to have the option to become a fan of my group thus getting regular updates when things are added or changed on the group page. Do you know of an app for that?

  4. hillary says:

    the most recent wordpress facebook fan page i’ve seen is skatter tech’s.
    i’d add it to my profile, except i don’t have a facebook!!! and im proud of it!

  5. The City Desk (1 comments.) says:

    Yup, same here. Started a group for The City Desk a few weeks ago. The interesting thing is figuring out how to use it for updates- it’s a bit of trial and error between adding a new news item, posting a link and sending messages to all the members. I don’t want to cross that thin line between promoting new content and annoying the heck out of people.

    I’m also hoping to use it for extra material, as well- interviews with the writers, supplemental content, that sort of thing.

  6. GaMerZ (24 comments.) says:

    Cool, for me, I created a Facebook App that display your site stats together with 3 latest post and 3 latest comments in your profile.

  7. Artur Kim (3 comments.) says:

    I just created a Facebook page for WP Themes Gallery. (:

  8. Gus (1 comments.) says:

    For Houston readers, I’ve set up a Facebook fan page for Swamplot.

  9. Dustin Delaney (1 comments.) says:

    Its all about the RSS feeds! My WordPress site sends content to both my Facebook page and my account. Also, by throwing a div overlay and some flash code you can hijack myspace. The goal is to be able to update content in one place instead of ten different ones. Facebook is on it.

  10. muks (1 comments.) says:

    Thanks for the tip. We created our site’s profile.

  11. calvin (2 comments.) says:

    I am agree with you. We need a facebook page.

    My group about U2:

  12. Boris (3 comments.) says:

    Thanks for the tip! Here’s my facebook fan page:

  13. Craig (2 comments.) says:

    We made a group for the Indie Travel Podcast and then we made an app to go with it.

    Facebook group:
    Facebook app:

    The app isn’t much at present, but hopefully we’ll add some more features in the coming months.

  14. David Bradley (2 comments.) says:

    Yep, I’ve got a couple of Facebook pages, a personal one, and a science writers group at – (193 members so far, and an axe-wielding physicist explaining guitar acoustics are perhaps the highlights)

    Hadn’t thought of creating a fan page for my site though nice idea. I did add a new footer to Sciencebase with links to all the geeky stuff I do elsewhere on the (based on my Pownce page).


  15. Mark Fulton (2 comments.) says:

    I read the SEJ article the other day as well. This is going to be quite big and commonplace for blogs to help promotion. I created a FaceBook fan page for my Domain News blog:


  16. Aelizia (1 comments.) says:

    Interesting! I had never thought to create a face book page for my blog.After reading your post I wish to start right now!
    Thanks for the good article!

  17. Mark (1 comments.) says:

    God post, check out how I redirect the domain name to my Fan Page (my fan page IS my site?!)

  18. App Crap Editor (1 comments.) says:

    Ya Facebook is very addictive! Pretty cool though, I’m in contact with a lot people there that I hadn’t talked to in years. I love most of the apps, so much so I created a blog about them called “The Facebook App Crap Blog”.

    I would appreciate any of you checking it out and adding your personal comments about any of the apps posted. I’m also looking to exchange links with other Bloggers. There’s a section for requesting an exchange and I respond within 48 hours.

  19. Maniche says:


    Very very interesting. Thanks for the great information. I never new we could create a facebook page for a blog.

    Thanks for the great article! I’m gonna start right away!

  20. Blake Imeson (1 comments.) says:

    We just put up a Facebook fan page for the Pittsburgh Technology Council

    It is going well but it is hard to find decent applications to add to increase the functionality.

    I really like the feature of “notes” where you can automatically import a blog’s posts.

  21. Kobe (1 comments.) says:

    did you know any widget for websites/wordpress blogs to link to facebook pages?

  22. Sandy says:

    I already have a separate facebook for my blog. How can I link them together?

  23. Harsh Agrawal (12 comments.) says:

    Cool Even I created one for my blog….

  24. Unnamed says:

    how to make a electronic signature for Make a Facebook Fan Page?

  25. shoaib (1 comments.) says:

    thnx i made mine sometime back and have to say that its like community on its own.

  26. Carrie (12 comments.) says:

    I run a few Fan Pages on Facebook and made one for my blog it’s

  27. kevin love (9 comments.) says:

    Great way to increase traffic and get a free following.

  28. Douglas (1 comments.) says:

    For our website’s fan page we used a facebook app called “Selective twitter status” which updates the status with any twitter updates. This way when any new posts happen on our page it updates twitter and facebook at the same time. The app was having some problems at first but once we got it working it has been awesome!


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