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Star Rating for Reviews

Star Rating for Reviews is a plugin made for blog authors that post reviews on their blogs. This plugin can help the authors to insert pretty inline rating stars based on the score they assign using intuitive, inline [rating:] tags. This plugin can also calculate and output overall ratings for you based on all previous scores you have assigned, useful for reviews that have multiple categories or an album review where each track is assigned a score.


  • uses simple, intuitive tags to generate kawaii inline rating stars for your posts
  • supports versatile rating systems
  • supports text only output for RSS
  • automatically calculates and displays overall ratings, if desired
  • supports storing rating scores automatically into database
  • supports outputting list of reviews sortable by date or by rating scores
  • supports custom star images
  • supports custom prefixes and suffixes for your own CSS class
  • supports globally forced star count for consistency
  • uses as many stars as you want!
  • standards compliant i.e. XHTML valid

Future Plans:

  • Weighted calculation for overall scores
  • Restrict list of reviews returned to specific categories when calling sr_getreviews()
  • hReview microformat friendly (not sure if this is doable)


Star Rating for Review allows your visitors to rate, as well as allows you to rate category-wise and it then calculates the overall score.

One good feature is the flexibility of the number of stars that you would like the review to be rated against.

It also supposed the automatic calculation of overall ratings and then store the scores in the database. This has been kept optional by the author for those who aren’t interested.

If you would like to display something other than stars, then the plugin gives you that option as well.

The ability to list reviews by date or rating, allows your site visitors to find the highly rated reviews easily.

One thing I like about this is the optional insertion of the rating stars. Most other plugins force the rating across all posts. If you are running a blog where you optionally review certain items while the rest contain posts you don’t want ratings on, then this plugin fulfils that criteria. You can insert the [rating] tag within your post and insert the stars for rating purposes.

If you are rating an album, users can rate individual songs, and the rating across all songs are taken to calculate the rating of the album.

As usual, is anyone using this plugin? How does it compare to other rating plugins?




  1. Jenny (24 comments.) says:

    I love this plugin! I’m using it for my book/movie reviews. I found it thru a friends site. It’s so cool.

  2. infinity (1 comments.) says:

    I think this is very useful plugin that takes care of what I need. I do use it ro review CDs and have changed the “stars” to something that works better for my site.

    I highly recommend it, although the weighted overall score would be nice.

  3. kl3tte (2 comments.) says:

    Hi – you guys also use something for user rating. can u tell us what plugin do u use for your user voting system?!

  4. Ajay (209 comments.) says:

    @kl3tte, WP-PostRatings


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