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April 24th, 2007
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Plugin Page:

Flickrss is a WordPress plugin that displays the latest comments of your Flickr account in your Sidebar.

– Shows latest Flickr comments in Sidebar
– Links back to Flickr or optionally to your own Blog if FAlbum is installed.

Future Plans
Some more Options to alter the way the comments get displayed in the sidebar by choosing which HTML tags get put before and after the entries.


Installation of this plugin is normal as well. You needa do the extra step of adding code to your sidebar.php or wherever you want the images to show up.

There isn’t much to state about the plugin, as it is built for one purpose and does the job well, i.e. it fetches your comments and displays them.

The plugin uses Magpie RSS which is a well established script and used by many, so the plugin comes with all the features that Magpie offers, including object caching.

The inbuilt support for FAlbum ensures that visitors don’t leave your blog when viewing the comments.

FAlbum didn’t work for me, so I’m still looking for a good Flickr plugin that will display my sets on my blog. Someday…

What I would love to see with Flickrss is the ability to fetch the latest images as well, so that those not using FAlbum can benefit.

It would also be nice to have integrated support with other Flickr plugins like Flickr Photo Album.

Are you using Flickrss? If not, do you find it useful… of course you need to have a Flickr account.




  1. Luigi (1 comments.) says:

    The trouble with the Flickr API (and feeds etc) is that has been tweaked significantly over its lifetime, which has tended to break apps after a while – probably why people have been put off developing plugins to some extent.

  2. keith (10 comments.) says:

    for blogs that don’t use FAlbum (i use tantan’s) IMO this plugin really is just alot of extra work that could be easily replaced by the standard RSS widget built into WP

  3. tricky says:

    i use the flickr provided badges to display random images from a group on my sidebar. it’s a bit more complex, but does the trick. so far no flickr plugin does it right.

  4. Bob! (1 comments.) says:

    I’ve been using the FlickrRSS plugin by eightface for a while now to show the latest 20 photo’s from my flickr account on my sidebar. It works group for either group or induvidual accounts.


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