Various News for 4/20

April 20th, 2007
Blogging News, brainstorming, Code

[EDIT] Thanks for the catch, the date was wrong. Links remain same, but the date changed.

10 Rules for your Small Business Website: Having worked for a small business for some time and with WordPress being such a widely used tool for building small business websites, I think most of these are well thought out and make a lot of sense. My ex-employers website violates almost every rule mentioned.

Spotback provides you with a small script to embed on your posts to provide centralized and socialized ranking for almost anything. Visitors will also receive personalized referrals and recommendations from your site or blog. No WordPress plugin available but I am sure the plugin programmers out there can whip something up quite easily with the WordPress hooks available.

Perils of Problogging ia points out the Perils of “Problogging” and when I was notified of the entry, I almost felt like I was being singled out. Food for thought.

JS-Kit is another centralized ratings widget with commenting built in. Not sure how the commenting would help WordPress bloggers but the ratings widgets are quite nice. However, the commenting/ratings widget might be used for static HTML pages quite conveniently and since JS-Kit uses Akismet to mitigate Spam, comments are bound to be spam free.

Amatomu and Afrigator are Two African blog aggregators with a variety of feed and channel features built in. I was pleasantly surprised to see the volume and quality of blogging activity going on in that subcontinent.




  1. Alex says:

    mistype – 4/20

  2. Tim (2 comments.) says:

    I know you have a mind for the future, but it’s 4/20 today, not 5/20.

  3. IrcMaidon (1 comments.) says:

    Actually, Amatomu is specifically a South African blog aggregator at the moment.

  4. MrCorey (14 comments.) says:

    I read the article at Stellify (by highlighting all the text since its completely unreadable on my old monitor). You felt singled out? How? I come every day to see what you’ve discovered “out there” and I especially like the little tidbits you reveal about your finds. There are still a lot of bloggers out there that leave 5 word entries, linking elsewhere. I don’t read those blogs.

    The article was a good rant, BTW.

  5. ia (4 comments.) says:

    Singled out? I really didn’t mean to. And believe me, WLTC is a reliable resource on WP stuff, if not the most reliable!

  6. jayne d'Arcy (9 comments.) says:

    I enjoy personal blogs and am annoyed at “blogs for money”. I don’t feel your blog is in that league. I religiously visit (and look forward to) daily. Your blog is simply set up, not cluttered, and my knowledge of WordPress has greatly increased due to your blogging efforts. Thank you!

  7. Khris (1 comments.) says:


    Thank you for mentioning JS-Kit! Btw, we have just released a poll widget as well, which is here



  8. Mark (386 comments.) says:

    Thanks Jayne.
    ia, unintended consequences? :) No offense taken.

  9. Dave (15 comments.) says:

    “Subcontinent”? Africa is larger than North America.

  10. Anthony (1 comments.) says:

    Yeah, the subcontinent is India, Pakistan etc. Africa is an entire continent in its own right.

  11. Britgirl (10 comments.) says:

    Um – Africa is a continent,not a subcontinet.

    As for why you felt singled out – why? Couldn’t figure that out. Your blog is useful, thankfully any ads are not in the way of the content – unlike many blogs who post annoying ads that interfere with content thus causing me to promptly click away. And the effort that goes into producing your content is evident.

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