WordPress Plugin Releases for 04/02

April 2nd, 2007
WordPress, WordPress Plugins

Auto Slimbox is a plugin to add slimbox feature for your wordpress powered website.

Adsense Manager allows you to create, modify and position Adsense Ads from within the WordPress admin panel. Allows unlimited Ad templates with defaults and individual settings.

Dugg Widget will display your past 10 dugg stories.

Custom Comment Text allows the customization of comment text (e.g. “5 comments”) generated by Template Tag comments_popup_link(). The customization is set per Post basis.

Jon’s Geolocation Plugin provides a fast and lightweight method to determine a visitor’s location down to a city level from their IP address.

The HitsLink plugin for WordPress lets you easily add HitsLink’s web tracking script to your site

AWStats Xtended Info inserts the awstats_misc_tracker.js into each page WordPress serves, allowing AWStats to track additional items including screen size, Flash, PDF and Java support among other things.




  1. John (17 comments.) says:

    I love AWStats. I am looking forward to giving AWStats Xtended Info a try.

  2. Amanda (18 comments.) says:

    I really think the adsense plugin is a good idea does anyone know if it defines the policy of not changing anything?

  3. Ivan (1 comments.) says:

    New wordpress theme releases named neon -> and the testrun of this theme.
    Thanks ;)

  4. Jonix (3 comments.) says:

    does this adsense plugin add something new over the other adsense plugins on the market?

  5. Jonix (3 comments.) says:

    Ivan, your theme is very good. One good point is he’s very different from the other free themes for wordpress. The design is good, i just didn’t like the title. But a really very good one.


  1. Another OUTSTANDING WordPress Plugin – iMP Auto Slimbox…

    This plugin allows you to create, automatically the opening sequence similar to the “WordPress Themes Directory” when you click on an image.  It grays the screen and opens the image in a “FLASH” looking window on top of th…

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