WordPress Plugin Releases for 3/16

March 16th, 2007
WordPress, WordPress Plugins

WP-o-Matic create posts from RSS/Atom feeds in the categories you select.

post thumb revisited automatically generates thumbnails from post content.

External Identities – Flickr turns WordPress into a Flickr Identity consumer so that users can sign up and sign in without a password.

GT Post Approval adds Approve/Reject buttoms visible just for administrators and editors in edit » posts.

The WordPress Tag Cloud Plugin generates a weighted WordPress category-based tag or category cloud.




  1. Eli Sand (1 comments.) says:

    For the WordPress Tag Cloud Plugin v1.0, you need to edit line 39 of the script and change the <ul> reference to </ul> otherwise the unordered list is never closed leading to some possibly odd rendering on your site.

  2. Sabo (13 comments.) says:

    The author of WP-o-Matic removed the download link from his site, it seems the plugin didn´t worked at all.

  3. David Bradley (7 comments.) says:

    wp-o-matic looked exactly the tool I needed to port a merged feed from two of my sites to a third site. It worked perfectly on a test version 2.1 WP installation, but can I get it to work on the actual build site, which is 2.1.2? Can I heck. It installs and activates okay, but when I try to add a feed, it says “Loading…” and then nothing. Anyone else seeing this effect? I’d love to know if there’s a fix. I realize the plugin is beta, but like I say it works fine on my test site



  1. […] and I highly recommend you add it to your blogroll or RSS reader if you host your own blog. In the Plugin Releases edition for March 16th, WTC recommended a plugin called WP-O-Matic, which will allow you to create posts from RSS feeds. I […]

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