WordPress Plugin Releases for 3/07

March 7th, 2007
WordPress, WordPress Plugins, WordPress Widgets

AutoFlickr will automatically find and insert one ore more photos that are related to the content of your post. Photos are found and hosted on Flickr.

Ma.gnolia WordPress Plugin makes it easy to output a list of your Ma.gnolia bookmarks anywhere on your site. You can set it to only pull bookmarks with a specific tag, which is great for listing sites related to a specific category or post.

Unitary is a Units Converter sidebar widget for WordPress that can convert between hundreds of different units of Length, Area, Volume, Weight / Mass, Speed etc.

Security Code creates a security image with security code that is shown on the register screen.

tdw-combobox-links displays the links in the sidebar as dropdown boxes. It will list each of your link categories in a separate box.

PG-CafePress is a WordPress 2.0 plugin that uses the PrestoGifto API and lets you put CafePress stuff into your sidebar, a static page, your footer or after posts.

SpamViewer deletes spam entries in your database as marked by WordPress or various spam plugins like SK2, Akismet, trackback validator etc.

TDO Mini Forms allows you to add a form to your website that allows non-registered users and/or subscribers (configurable) to submit posts.




  1. VooDooStevie (1 comments.) says:

    Direct Quote on the PG-CafePress Plug-in site

    “Please note that this WP plugin is not compatible with Ella (WP 2.1). We would like to make the upgrade, but don’t have the bandwidth right now to jump into that project.”

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