WordPress Plugin Releases for 2/21

February 21st, 2007
WordPress, WordPress Plugins

Open Picture Window opens a new browser window containing the image specified using JavaScript. You have the option to choose the features as well as choose if you want it to be centered.

Thumbnailer is a plugin for WordPress that allows you to generate thumbnails of images “on the fly” i.e. the script will create a thumbnail of the original image as it is viewed.

Header Image Rotator rotates your blog header images.

WP2HTML lets you export your blog entries as a single HTML file. Adds HTML file to ZIP archive. Also check out Gravatar (and userpics) on the same page. It allows you to generate a gravatar URL complete with rating, size, default, and border options. See the documentation for syntax and usage. It also shows LiveJournal userpics in comments.

cforms offers convenient deployment of multiple contact forms throughout your blog or even on the same page. The form submission utilizes AJAX, however, falls back to the standard method if AJAX/Javascript is not supported.

Random Link Button plugin give you the ability to place a button on your blog that directs the user to a random site every time it is pressed. The random link is chosen out of your WordPress blogroll, so you can make use of your existing links.

Blockquote Cite allows you to add easily cite references when using the blockquote tag. To add a reference, simply use the cite element and then enter the URL of site the content was quoted from. If a logo is available for that site, it will be displayed. Otherwise a text link will be used.

Force User Field Registration forces new users to register additional fields (such as first name and last name).

Check Email Posts uses the inbuilt cron to check for posts-by-email every hour.

WordPress Comment Spam Stopper stops comment spam by adding an additional question field that a visitor must answer before the comment is submitted.

StripTease is a simple filter that strips fragment identifiers from WordPress’s default teaser links so that they link to full posts. It doesn’t require any configuration, and it works with WordPress’s default querystring permalinks, as well as its rewrite-based “pretty permalinks.”

Mint Popular Posts is a WordPress plugin that for use in conjunction with the Mint.

URI Index Remover removes “index.php” from any URI ending in “index.php”. It does an instant redirect to the non-index.php equivalent of that page.




  1. Keith (3 comments.) says:

    Random Link Button is definitely helpful for promoting sites.

  2. Matt Keegan (2 comments.) says:

    The rotating header looks intriguing. I have been looking for such a script that would work well with WordPress and I hope that this one is it. The last one I had was too buggy and a drag on my site.

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