WordPress Theme Releases for 2/20


Miss Liberty is a two column, widget ready patriotic theme by Ivan Minic featuring Statue of Liberty and Central Park; uses tables.

Old Fuenteria is a two column theme with a vintage style and uses Headlines Image plugin to replace titles with images.

Sunflower is a two column, widget ready theme with a sunflower field in the header.

HemingwayEx is feature added version of Hemingway with support for asides, UTW, horizontal navigation among others.

Glow is a three columnm widget ready WordPress theme with two right-hand sidebars.




  1. migger (2 comments.) says:

    Some very nice themes in todays update. Im especially fond of the HemingwayEx and Glow themes.

    If I hadnt just updated I would definitely try out the HemingwayEx.

  2. Nalin (1 comments.) says:

    Thanks !! :)

  3. Andrew Eglinton (3 comments.) says:

    Nice themes indeed.

    Just a note to the guys at Webtools Collection. You’re displaying an ‘En Espagnol’ badge at the top of the site and next to it one that reads ‘In Deutsch’, call me over sensitive and pedantic, but shouldn’t it be ‘Auf Deutsch’?

  4. Mark (386 comments.) says:

    Touche’ Andrew. Should have it fixed soon.

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