30 WP Themes in 30 Days


30 WP Themes in 30 Days “Small potato” wants to develop 30 new WordPress themes in 30 days and calls it the “Ridiculously Mind-Numbing WordPress Self-Challenge”. It probably would be, considering the rules that he has set for himself and his limitations that he admits to on the post. Something like this has been attempted before by Phu with a lot of success. However, in looking through the existing themes that he has developed and offered for free download to WordPress users, I think he can do it with a little encouragement from all of us. Even if he is not completely successful, he will learn a lot and will provide a lot for the WordPress community (and receive a lot of attention) Thanks to Lorelle for finding the post, who is also blogging for the Blog Herald.




  1. Moses Francis (11 comments.) says:

    Yeah, it’s ain’t easy to produce 30 themes, and i think according to his blog he may push it to 31 days to beat the old record.
    All the best to him! ;)


  1. […] I challenged myself to create one WordPress theme per day for 30 days. Since then, I’ve received some much needed encouragement to help me stick to it and finish through. Even Lorelle (on and Mark (on have mentioned Small Potato and WPDesigner, but now I’m actually going for longer than 31 days because WP Diva has already accomplished the 31 days feat. (By the way, the WP Diva herself was commenting on my blog earlier this week, which was another highlight for this Small Potato.) […]

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