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January 23rd, 2007
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DiggProof your WordPress A close look at optimizing and tweaking your MySql database for WordPress and other tips and plugins to make your WordPress blog faster than it already is. Even though WordPress is fast in its own right, this article is geared for high traffic blogs and especially those that run WordPress on smaller Virtual Private Servers.

While we are on the subject of optimizations, the newly released WordPress 2.1 Ella has introduced many code and query optimizations that should make WordPress much faster than it already was. For example, one of the changes introduced to handle future posts gives the database the ability to cache more queries at the MySql level and should reduce load on the database server (however minuscule).




  1. […] Okay, part of the hype around wordpress 2.1 surrounds its optimized database queries. Well, last night, my admin page took 73 seconds to load and I kid you not. It probably didn’t help that I was indexing my computer a la Google Desktop at the same time. I’m always multitasking on a computer that, admittedly, isn’t too good at it. On my school’s network, I think my wordpress blog is blazingly fast and offers proof of the so-called optimized code, I guess. Several plugins are still incompatible, but thus far, I’m finding out that those plugins I thought I couldn’t live without are not so indispensable. My Google Sitemaps beta keeps timing out and asks me to raise the PHP memory limit. I’m sorry because I have no control over that. When I manually try to rebuild the sitemap, it gives me the error message “Fatal error: Call to undefined function: stripos() […]” I’ll have to return to the previous 2.7 release version. As for the autosaving issue in WordPress, I guess I’ll just have to save my post manually first and foremost before trying to get everything down and then, saving. Actually, maybe that’s how it’s supposed to work, but I don’t like altering what wasn’t broken i.e. I hadn’t had much issues with lost posts because I would always keep a copy in an open Notepad window. […]

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