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January 16th, 2007

There has been a lot of changes at and we continue to try and make the blog as useful of a tool as possible with the least headaches. Here is some important news and some tidbits I would like to bring to everyones’ attention.

Some of my regulars might have noticed that Ajay has been getting his feet quite wet recently on this blog. Ajay D’Souza has agreed to be an author on WeblogToolsCollection and will be concentrating on WordPress news, reviews and analysis of plugins, themes, hacks etc. I like his writing style and candor and really appreciate his openness and eagerness to learn. We have modified some of the news posting procedures and will continue to refine and change as requested and necessary. Ajay has been blogging since 2003 and currently runs and You will find his WordPress plugins, themes, hacks and a regular glimpse into his life on the first blog. The latter is a new and upcoming technology blog. Besides blogging Ajay has been into designing and programming and even had a stint with desktop themes and screensaver development at

I also want to further develop the WeblogToolsCollection community and increase the blog’s reach and usefulness. I find MyBlogLog very interesting and have been impressed with the community and the code behind it. I encourage my readers to Join the community at MyBlogLog. It is a great way for you to get your blog and your name out there and it gives you a quick advertising link on blogs you visit that has the recent readers widget (though it feels like being stalked at first). Don’t forget to Subscribe to the News Feed if you have not done so already.

I have received quite a few emails recently asking me how to submit news to the site. I strongly encourage everyone to register at and post your news there. Not only does the latest news from that forum show up on the front page, we monitor that forum and post relevant material from it all the time. Conversely, you could also email Ajay or myself directly to get information to us. However, email would be the slower of the two.
Please join me in welcoming Ajay to




  1. Ajay (72 comments.) says:


    Thanks for the formal welcome. Anyone interested can send me an email to me from my site.
    Please specify that it is regarding WLTC.


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