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WP Plugin: Custom Admin Menu This plugin will let you customize just about everything having to do with the organization of your WordPress administration. You can relabel and rearrange menu items.
You can create sub-sub-sub-menus, or nest menus as deeply as you want! You can change the parent of a submenu item, or move a submenu item to the top-level menu. You can move something from the top-level menu to a submenu. You can hide any menu or submenu item.
There is also a screencast for those interested in seeing its functionality.

Nicely done and a very cool plugin with a multitude of possibilities and one of those few pieces of code that made me say to myself, “I wonder what this looks like inside?”. The power of this plugin is not only in using it for your own WordPress blog to bring most often used items to the top, but also in simplifying the menu for less savvy users for easier management and blogging tasks. I know my dad’s blogs are getting it as soon as I have a few minutes. Thanks Barun.




  1. kew (1 comments.) says:

    hehe, I thought its already in your gene, and your dad would not actually needs it?? hehe

  2. Andy Cook says:

    Do you have the download for this plugin still? The authors page seems unsupported now.I hope it works with WP 2.7+! It’s exactly what’ I’ve been searching for. Thanks!


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