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November 20th, 2006
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WP Plugin: Kottke Style Archives Arrange your archives in a list just like Jason Kottke. Did I ever mention I really like Kottkes theme? I am reading it on my 21 inch monitor, flipped vertically and it looks just delicious.




  1. RyanB (4 comments.) says:

    Although the achrives look sweet, I think it is somewhat funnyt that a plug-in was made. Looks like it is just a php script with SQL.

  2. pilgrim (2 comments.) says:

    This archive link format is very close to the one I came up with for my blog (see link, archives in the right sidebar, third panel down), which I’ve been hard coding up to now. It’s no big deal, I just have to add a live link once a month. Writing a plug-in for it is a little beyond my current PHP skills, but I expect I’ll be able to adapt this one here to do the business…


  1. […] Alistair Lattimore’s gone and written a plugin that generates an archive list in the style that Jason Kottke uses at — which is tantalisingly close to the style that I’ve been using here. My archive panel is hard coded, and I have to add a new link once a month, but its been on my todo list to reach a point in PHP hackery where I could get this to happen automagically. This plugin brings the prize within my reach, assuming I can follow what’s going on in the plugin contents, and the method isn’t too insane… […]

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