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October 16th, 2006
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Google Ping: Google introduces their pinging service for blogs that will notify Google of changes. I am surprised to see very little discussion for this service but am not surprised with the lack of fanfare or threats of switching. Ping-O-Matic does such an amazing job (amazing == you set it and forget it; well if you use WordPress you don’t even need to set it) that I can never see myself switching.




  1. Aaron B. Hockley (2 comments.) says:

    There was quite a bit of discussion about this a few weeks ago when it first became public and operational…

  2. LcF (19 comments.) says:

    hmm.. Ping-O-Matic haven’t add Google Ping yet.

  3. Phil Nash (3 comments.) says:

    I was surprised not to see more interest about it myself. I did write up a quick tutorial on how to ping google with wordpress which shows you how to “set and forget” an automatic ping to google alongside the standard ping-o-matic for wordpress. It might be of some help.

    The thing is, there’s no need to swap from ping-o-matic, google blog search is just another service to ping that I’m sure ping-o-matic will support in the future. Swapping would be mad, adding it would make sense though.

  4. Jo (2 comments.) says:

    Can’t remember whose blog it was, but read a post not that long ago on Planet WordPress about the ping for google and added it to my writing options then and there…

  5. Titanas (5 comments.) says:

    Feedburner includes Google Ping in its 5 optional pings to select from.

  6. Richard Silverstein (3 comments.) says:

    Forgive my ignorance about these things but, if you’re using the WP Google sitemap plugin wouldn’t that communicate your blog updates in the same or similar way to Google pings?

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