Microsoft on Blog Spam

July 13th, 2006

Microsoft on Blog Spam It looks like they did a lot of searching of Blogger and Google’s related sites to try and dig up dirt. Akismet gets a mention. Sadly, all big talk and no solution or hint at a solution from Microsoft.




  1. Michelle (1 comments.) says:

    You know there is a perfect solution for comment spam which work 100% of the time…the good ol retype this code. For wordpress there is Do you know math? plugin (it’s on my site) which randomly gives a math problem in text (simple addition). This has completely elminated comment spam making akismet redundant. Solutions such as akismet only catch spam which you still have to go through. With code retype or the math plugin, I don’t even have to moderate comments.

    Blogger uses this feature.

    MS also failed to point out that all those redirects (the 55% that did not go to spam sites) are folks who have a blog somewhere else but wanted to comment on blogs from that service and leave their name.

    Silly MS.

    Anyway, it is possible to get the single non automated spammer, but those are near nil at this point. I’ve seen one in the past year. There is always ip banning or report of those little monsters.

  2. Patrick Havens (14 comments.) says:

    Well I’m going to put a big thumbs up out there for Bad Behavior. I just recently installed it on my blog and since then Akismet has caught an additional 4 spam and the rest (135 so far) has been caught by it. The idea behind it is so simple that it’s no wonder it works so well.

    I had the “extended Akismet” plugin that allowed for grouping from spammer… but it just got annoying. So I was glad to see it drop by so much. I don’t even have to worry about it any more.

  3. Irish John says:

    What I got out of it is that Google are benefiting out of it and seemingly don’t care as long as they get money out of it.

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