Ready for more aggressive monetization?

May 21st, 2006

Ready for more aggressive monetization? The following line really struck a chord with me: Even if you have a “real” job and your blog is your hobby, I think your family would appreciate something more than an additional few lattes a month earned from your blogging. A nice dinner out, gift for your partner, car payment, chipping away at the nagging credit card debt. That pretty much the same idea I had in mind when I started Qlue to give a chance to the regular everyday blogger to make a few extra bucks on the side without the hassles of purchasing and maintaining a web hosting account.




  1. Scott Burkett (3 comments.) says:

    How is this any different than plopping Google ads on your own blog? I’m struggling to see the “aggressive” aspect here …


  2. Mr. Dew (4 comments.) says:

    I think it’s for people who don’t really know how to get started with WordPress blogs. I still prefer paying for a host though.

  3. Tris Hussey (1 comments.) says:

    Mark: Thank you for the link and I’m glad it struck a chord with you.

    Scott: What I’m talking about is sponsorships and advertising direct from companies or receiveing free products to review or try. It’s on the idea of Marqui’s experiment paying blogging to mention their name once a week. Like … Here’s $500 a month, put this “sponsored post” on your blog once a week.

    This kind of thing hasn’t really been done a lot in the mainstream and part of the reason is the potential for a huge negative backlash from the blogarati. Personally, I think the time has come to challenge that and leverage blogs more fully as marketing tools, while still maintaining the transparency and authenticity of blogging.

  4. BillyG (6 comments.) says:

    And then I never heard back from Qlue anyway so what’s that worth?

    fyi: This page doesn’t make it thru the HTML Validator plugin.

  5. Mark (118 comments.) says:

    Billy, I am not sure what you are talking about (about Qlue, I know about the validation). Please feel free to email me.

  6. Geren (14 comments.) says:

    A fellow I know has had a company approach him about posting a page on his site for them for a periodic sum. I don’t know the details of his arrangement with the “advertiser,” but, since he’s a blogger, not a coder, he even paid me to recode the sample page the company provided such that it would look like an integrated part of his own site.

  7. BillyG says:

    I’m just saying that I was the 3-4 person to register the day it was broadcast and I never heard back from anyone. No biggie.

  8. Val Dobson (1 comments.) says:

    For me, it’s an addition to my other Adsense-carrying blogs and sites. Strange Days, my new Qlue blog carries to the total up to six. And yes, I manage to find original content for them all pretty regularly (though I don’t think I can manage any more).
    Individually, each site just brings in a few cents a week, but it adds up. Every little bit helps.

  9. Mark (118 comments.) says:

    I would visit your blog admin page and click on forgot your password. Then check your spam filtering software to see if there is a message there.

  10. Shanti Braford (5 comments.) says:

    Hi Mark. This is an interesting idea. We’re trying to do something similar at:

    Are you doing an AdSense impression split or how does that work?

    We’re working on adsensifying 25+ WPMU themes. (the publisher code gets pulled in dynamically via PHP) Maybe we could pool our efforts. So far we’ve got about 5 knocked out.


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