New referrals for Google Pack and Picasa

May 5th, 2006
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New referrals for Google Pack and Picasa you can now refer your users to Google Pack and Picasa. You’ll earn up to $2 for each time a user installs Pack and up to $1 for each Picasa install. Google really wants to get into your computer. I have not installed Google Pack (and do not intend to do so) but for those without virus protection, Google does seem to offer a 6 month subscription to Norton Antivirus 2005. Are you installing Google Pack?




  1. BillyG (6 comments.) says:

    I haven’t checked back on GPack since the day it released but I either already had everything in it or didn’t need the rest. Oh yeah, Norton is the plague.

  2. Chris Meller (10 comments.) says:

    Same for me. The few things I could actually use I already had (Firefox, Ad-Aware (or similar), Adobe Reader, Antivirus), and the rest is utter crap I’d never use: All the Google crap (Earth, Picassa, Screensaver, IE Toolbar, Desktop) and Talk, RealPlayer, Google Player… It’s just a waste of time and bandwidth.

    It still amazes me that Google will develop a software package that integrates all their crap, but they won’t design a webpage that actually lists it all… Labs is a start, but there’s tons of stuff they offer that’s not listed on it either. Go figure…

  3. Amit Gupta (10 comments.) says:

    I’ve been already using some of the stuff that the Google Pack has(bid adieu to Adobe Reader for Foxit’s speed) and the rest of the stuff I don’t need. So I’m another one who won’t install GPack!! ;)

  4. tom says:

    Well, I have installed google pack, its fairly good and the checks for how up-to-date your software is is nice, but as all the software in there has its own auto-update stuff (the improtant ones anyway) it just seems like an attempt to be like “googles recomendations”.

  5. Ajay (39 comments.) says:

    Don’t really see the sense in Google Pack, I just pick up what I want individually. Google takes a lot of software of other users and are packaging it.

    The only Google software I actually use is the toolbar.

  6. Matt Biscay (13 comments.) says:

    Nope, it will never make it on my machines.

  7. Amit Gupta (10 comments.) says:

    Ajay, the thing is that the geeks know & have all of the contents of Google Pack anyways, but what I think is the aim of software is to allow non geek & non savvy users to have the basic tools for their PCs without having to search for them.

    Or you can say that its their lame attempt to increase their popularity & make people use what they promote!! ;)

  8. drmike (10 comments.) says:

    Gotta like the Firfox one though since we keep pushing anything but IE around here. :)

  9. Ken (it's free software) (1 comments.) says:

    I do install the Gpack on new PCs that I build for others because it brings the nifty Gearth, secure FF browser, super neat and shiny Picasa+Hello, and essential RealPlayer and Adobe Reader in just a few clicks.

    I typically decline Gdesktop due to ongoing privacy concerns and only install Norton on request. Otherwise, McAfee or Avast depending on cost factor.

    I also install Trillian; FF extensions: IEtab, Adblock/filterset.g; remote client, and Blue Frog – until now :(

    Does these make sense?

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