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May 3rd, 2006
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PhoneBlogz – blog by phone: An interesting concept and it seems to qork quite well. You call in your phone message and an MP3 is created with a flash player attached that can then be posted to your WordPress or Serendipity blogs. The free service is for 20 seconds with ads but their paid service is a little dissappointing. They only offer a maximum of 6 minutes for $9.99 per month. For would be podcasters, this might not be the solution though I can see keeping a voice journal being interesting a few years down the road.




  1. Ozh (88 comments.) says:

    Looks interesting indeed. You know what bothered me at first glance ? The defaultish wordpress look. Doesn’t look like a pro service website, doesn’t look like a “we’re the new web 2.0 kid in town”.

  2. Matt (1 comments.) says:

    Hi all,

    Just read this blog page with interest and would like to reply. We’re going to be offering longer record times and more posts per month soon. We’ve actually had more demand than expected for longer recording times so we’re going to make sure we can offer what’s being asked of us.

    As for the website, admittedly there’s no fancy AJAX code or web 2.0 cliches – it does what it needs to and we’re concentrating on the primary use which is providing a reliable and easy-to-use phone blogging service.

    We’re always open to suggestions or criticism, feel free to rise to the challenge!!


  3. Rachel (1 comments.) says:

    You should check out ifbyphone’s Voplace, the first voice based social network, which just went live at the beginning of this month. ifbyphone’s service also provides email, news, sports, weather, blogs, rss feeds, games, public chat, wake up calls, notepad, reminder calls and more all by voice without touching a keypad. It’s accessible from any phone. Instead of trying to update my internet blog from my phone, I just started a Voplace that I can access from anywhere, and it’s great! Check it out at

  4. Matt (2 comments.) says:

    You might also want to check out this version of a sort of blog by SMS type service. Streaks ahead of our Free SMS service but still very cool none the less. It beats WAPing into your blog any day!

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