WordPress on a USB stick


Perfect for demonstrating WordPress on someone else’s computer. Also perfect for designing your ideal blog theme while at work.
The guide to installing WordPress on a USB stick and my other guides are also at




  1. Amit Gupta (10 comments.) says:

    awesome!! :)

  2. Ulysses Ronquillo (15 comments.) says:

    Thanks for sharing. I use something similar to run WordPress on a USB stick. I use XAMPP Lite located at It works fairly well.

  3. Les (4 comments.) says:

    Nifty. I found this a lot easier to set up and use than XAMPP, making it good for local testing in general as well as the intended use.

  4. Simon (10 comments.) says:

    testing some new designs for my website with it… unfortunatly flash drive read write rates arnt that fast so pages take ages to load…

  5. mhz (1 comments.) says:

    good idea. ?t’s very useful for theme designer and plugin developer

  6. bgibson135 says:

    WP makes a great platform for a digital textbook. Running WP from a Stick would allow a student to have a basic working copy of their textbook, even if not connected to the Internet. Adding various Web 2.0 plugins to the portable site would allow for embedding a Prezi, VoiceThread, or other multimedia presentation, or being able to add mp4 audio notes that are saved on the USB stick.

    Add a portable version of Firefox, with “Mobile Barcoder” QR app, and you have a great presentation tool. Plug your flash drive into a presentation podium in a classroom, run your version of Firefox and portable WP and present (with or without the Internet).


  1. USB diske WordPress nasl kurulur?

    nce neden kurulur demek daha doru olacak sanrm;
    Diyelim ki evinizde ve ofisinizde iki farkl bilgisayar kullanyorsunuz ve zerinde altnz temanz her iki bilgisayarda da dzenlemeye devam etmek istiyorsunuz (kabul edersiniz ki iki bilgisay…

  2. WordPress on the road

    Nachdem ich hier schon über Programme zum Mitnehmen berichtet habe, gibts nun auch eine Apache- / MySQL- / PHP-Distribution für den USB-Stick. Das nennt sich dann WOS. Offenbar gibt es einen kostenlose GPLed Version und eine kommerzielle Ver…

  3. Instala WordPress En Una Memoria Flash.

    Está de moda instalar cosas en las memoria flash USB, podemos instalar Window XP, Firefox, Opera, OpenOffice. Quien sabe que será la próximo.Ahora le ha tocado el turno a WordPress, la justificación radica en que nos puede venir bien para realiza…

  4. “WOS Portable” – der Webserver auf dem USB-Stick

    … ist zwar nicht mein Betriebssystem – aber trotzdem interessant:
    Bei CH Sotware gibt es mit WOS (Webserver on a Stick) einen kompletten Webserver für den USB-Stick. Das Paket besteht aus:

    Apache 2.2.0
    MySQL 5.0.18
    PHP 4.4.2/PHP 5.1.2…

  5. […] My name is Art, and I’m a Portable Apps user. I frequent places like, looking for new programs I can stick on my thumb drive. I carry my email client with me, my FTP program with me, and my word processor. If I got an even bigger thumb drive, I could take a whole office suite with me. I don’t have to worry about installing and configuring these programs on different computers – I just pop the drive in and go. Until yeaterday, I had not heard about this clever idea; running an Apache server, with WordPress, from a USB drive. […]

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