Scuttle: Online Bookmarks Manager

February 24th, 2006

Scuttle: Online Bookmarks Manager Open source with a scathing review from Rubel




  1. Podz says:

    Rubel’s a twat.
    Scuttle is a different thing to what he looked at, blinked at then went off on one at.

    If he can’t be trusted to get something like this right, then he has zero going for him.

  2. canabala says:

    Review? What review? All I saw is someone ranting for no apparent reason on an old topic they evidently have little to no experience with. That hardly makes a review. I agree with Podz.

    If you want a review of Scuttle, then perhaps you should actually install the code on one of your sites and run it for a bit. Maybe even install the firefox plugin. And how about using it at work, home, and the net cafe?

    Maybe after using it for a month or two you will begin to understand why it is useful. Then again, if you think that rant is a review then perhaps you wouldn’t.

    You know why I use Scuttle? It’s because delicious kept going offline and I wanted to have my own bookmarks backed up. Now I rarely even bother with delicious, since my Scuttle install has been running stable for quite a long time now. The problem with any bookmarking site is that they might decide to change TOS on you. Running your own saves that hassle.

  3. Zenith (1 comments.) says:

    Agreed. Scuttle is a completely different thing, a thing that Ruben evidently doesn’t understand (or didn’t want to).

    I’ve been using Scuttle for a number of months now and I much prefer it to any of the ‘social bookmark’ sites. The deciding factor for me is that with Scuttle I remain in control of my own data, as it’s hosted on my own site.

  4. XIII says:

    So many assholes, so many opinions. The more the merrier when it comes to good scripts, and another OSS one is always welcome, sure beats yet another service only site.

  5. Tom (14 comments.) says:

    Scuttle also support Microformats, which is super cool.

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