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February 5th, 2006
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Blog advertising is a prickly slope. I have dabbled in this poison for almost as long as I have blogged. Most of my adventures have been less than satisfactory and I have made just enough money to help me host my blogs and services. I recently decided to give Text-Link-Ads a try.

I really like it so far. This mode of advertising works much better than contextual advertising for sites such as mine. Text-Link-Ads are easy to setup and their customer service is excellent. There have been some bugs and discrepancies while they upgraded their systems and changed things around but these have always been resolved to my satisfaction without my interference. Patrick Gavin knows what customer service and a customer based business model is all about.

I love to promote and help businesses that I like. Text-Link-Ads offers a good product, are very easy to deal with and can become a relatively good source of income. Have you used their services? What did you think of it?

[EDIT] As Matt pointed out in the comments, the above links are referral links.




  1. Matt (64 comments.) says:

    If that’s a referral link you should disclose it.

  2. BillyG says:

    guess that’s why both times I tried getting to it it locked/blocked me out of Bloglines

  3. Simon (10 comments.) says:

    I signed up, though your referal link :B at the moment im road testing google at the moment. although in three days the adverts have been viewed 586 times and clicked 38 times and still no revenue :( i shall run google for a short while and then maybe switch to these.

  4. Simon (10 comments.) says:

    i hope my last comment got though, if your using comment moderation you should say so on the page…

    incase my last post failed, here it is again: i signed up using your referal link ;) ive been testing google this month, since the 1st ive had more than 500 views and 30 to 40 clicks but still no money… i shall try this new advertising package out too next month :)

  5. Sadish (1 comments.) says:

    I signed up with them. hope that rewards you.


  6. Ajay (39 comments.) says:

    I faced a great deal of trouble Text-Link-Ads. I had added my site and it took lot more than a month for them to recognize it, and not before I wrote to them twice.

    Finally got an approval letter but the interface didn’t show me as approved. So needed to write yet another email to them.

    Finally had my site approved. Have to yet give it a shot. Was kind of let down by their customer service. But if you vouch for them, I may actually add the code to my site!

  7. Scott says:

    Yeah I signed up with them about 5 or more months ago. Only recently was it approved! I sent several emails asking why and never one response. Maybe their customer service is good for certain people and not others. Any suggestions on how to get good service? bribery?

    At this point, I pretty much gave up on them. I signed up with another place like it that is a bit more user friendly imho called The income is pretty good over there and good cust. service too. I would like to know what kind of pull I might be able to get from text link ads. Maybe I’ll give it a shot and compare the two.

  8. Jonathan (1 comments.) says:

    Yeah Mark, I’m a strong supporter of this company too. I actually received a check in the mail that I had no idea was coming, it was quite nice. It was small, but a check none the less. Good stuff to come — too bad they take 50% of the revenue.

  9. DJ (1 comments.) says:

    Do text-link-ads work with blogs hosted on

  10. underdog says:

    Hello, is there anyone working over there? Cant get any replies to emails. Two thumbs down for customer service.

  11. Scot Cunningham (1 comments.) says:

    I recently singed up for an ad-link account. They reviewed my site and gave me a code. Yet they didn’t provide any instructions as to where I am suppose to place the code in my template, which is hosted by Blogger. Is there anybody who can help me pass the mental test on this. I’ve contacted their customer service department twice in regard to this, but they seem to be slower than I am.

  12. Catalin Ionescu (2 comments.) says:


    You may look at the websites that are already part of the program to see where they’ve placed the code. Start from the “Browse by Category” links on the left of your account.

    They already have a fairly large number of websites in the program, so you can definitely find something that is similar to yours.

    This should give you some ideas.

    Catalin Ionescu

  13. Azhar (1 comments.) says:

    Im also having trouble getting it to work with my hosted Blogger blog, help please?
    See the error on my blog ( it says the xml file does nhot exist but it does at as you can see, help :_(

  14. Mark (118 comments.) says:

    Check out for Blogger. The TLA script looks at the default browsing location for the .xml file. So if you are using the script embedded from another locaiton, you might have to create the .xml file there.

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