WordPress 2.0 Released!!

December 26th, 2005

As of this post, WordPress 2.0 is out. Go get it!
PS: Check out the new site design while you are at it!




  1. Ian says:

    Am getting an error:

    “Switching servers, please check back in about a half hour. Thanks! — Matt”

  2. redstar (1 comments.) says:

    Thanxz for this great upgrade!! 20 minutes of slow work from my site(coffee, and a snack) and its working great!

  3. enter says:

    there are some mysql errors :(

  4. Andreas (19 comments.) says:

    The downloads doesn’t work from the site. But it works from . Use that if you run into problems. I bet the errors will be fixed soon though!

  5. Ian says:


  6. FredBezies (1 comments.) says:

    I used 2.0rc3 after it was released and now, my blog is running 2.0 flawlessly.

    Simplest upgrade I’ve ever made !

    Thanks for this great work. WP is the best ;)

  7. Velmu (1 comments.) says:

    omg, omg!

  8. Petit says:

    Eager to install the WP 2.0 I find lots of links are not working, among them the main download links.
    I guess Santa was here or I wasn’t that good guy over the year that I thought :-}

  9. Shahab (8 comments.) says:

    Upgraded and its working fine ..
    Thank you ..!

  10. Robert Deaton (7 comments.) says:

    And already its broken, not even 24 hours from the release!

  11. Jason Grigsby says:

    All of the links in the support forums on are not working currently. 404 not found errors.

  12. zoogies (4 comments.) says:

    Man, updating is such a hassle. When is it going to be possible to update without downloading the entire wordpress folder and deleting half of it? -_-

  13. Zach (2 comments.) says:

    Upgraded last night without a problem. Thanks for the heads up.

  14. Teli (24 comments.) says:

    Jason, the errors tend to go away after you refresh the page. If it doesn’t go away on the first refresh, do a forced refresh…if it’s still not working after that…don’t know what to tell ya.

  15. mark (1 comments.) says:

    There seems to be some problems with the trackback in 2.0. The thread for it is here. I post in hopes that someone may have the definitive answer :)


  1. WordPress 2.0 Released!!


  2. WordPress 2.0 is out!

    Cool!  WordPress 2.0 is out  – that means I need to download it and get in installed onto here … eventually!
    Fun times ahead!
    Technorati Tags: WordPress 2.0…

  3. WordPress 2.0 released

    Endlich!!!!! Soeben hat WordPress 2.0 als offizieles Release das Licht der Welt erblickt. Angekündigt schon als vorweihnachtliche Bescherung, dann terminisiert für 26.12.2005, hat sich der Release dann doch noch etwas verzögert. Naja, gut Ding bra…

  4. HTNet says:

    WordPress 2.0 Out Now

    WordPress 2.0 has been released. Download it here.
    I won’t be upgrading in the near future. Some of the plugins I use works kinda flakey in WP2.0. I’ve ran 2.0RC3 on HTNet for about 3 hours and the incompatibilities kinda overwhelmed me.

  5. says:

    Update auf WordPress 2.0 praktisch vollzogen…

    Praktisch, weil ich mir noch nicht 100%ig sicher bin, ob auch alles funktioniert. Bei mir lokal war’s absolut kein Problem. Alles funktionierte auf Anhieb, am Server fing dann aber das coolste neue Feature (Fileupload mit automatischer Thumbnaile…

  6. Netsensei says:

    WordPress 2.0 (bijna) uit!

    Bon. Officieel is er nog geen bericht van maar de WordPress site is vernieuwd en blijkbaar zijn ze alles aan het gereed zetten om WordPress 2.0 vrij te geven. Spannend!
    Toch zijn er ook disonnante geluiden:
    I won’t be upgrading in the near future….

  7. wordpress zwei punkt null ist fertig

    und noch ein weihnachtsgeschenk:
    Die Weblog-Verwaltungssoftware WordPress liegt seit gestern in Version 2.0 vor. [computerwoche]
    die jeweils aktuelle Version gibt es bei
    bei weblog tool collection und dittes

  8. says:

    WordPress 2 en franais

    La version 2.0 de WordPress vient de sortir.
    Je vous anonce donc la sortie de la version franaise. Le package, les thmes et les messages sont maitenant disponibles au tlchargement. Voici les liens :

    Package Version Franaise
    Les thmes de bas…

  9. Gluek's blog says:

    WordPress 2.0

    Обновил свой WordPress до версии 2.0. Из новых функций обнаружил WISYWIG редактор и загрузку файлов при написании поста, просмотр тем перед их уст…

  10. WordPress 2.0 and Upgrading

    Some tips for users wanting to upgrade to the recently released WordPress 2.0, and why waiting can sometimes be a good thing.

  11. WordPress 2.0 Released launched the latest release of the popular blog software WordPress 2.0. We encourage you to download it and upgrade. Also notice the change of design of wordpress homepage.
    Also sorry for the inactivity on this blog but with the winter ho…

  12. WordPress Upgrade

    Upgraded to WordPress 2.0 this afternoon, checking for breakage now…
    so far, nothing seems to be broken
    Care to contibute here? Go register yourself…

    No Tags…

  13. WordPress 2.0

    Great is really great, I was succesfully UPGRADE my WordPress Engine be 2.0. This take no more that five minutes (not includes upload my new files to server)
    And yuppy, all my plugins running well (include my fave smile from Priyadi plugin).
    This my st…

  14. says:

    WordPress 2.0

    Heute hab ich mir gedacht: »Was solls, wenn sich WordPress 2.0 weiter verzögert, installiere ich einfach den Release Candidate 3«. Tagsüber habe ich schön brav meine Datenbank gesichert und abends wollte ich dann umsteigen.
    Während ich also meine…

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