Chitika publishers see drastically reduced earnings after audits

December 2nd, 2005
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Chitika publishers see drastically reduced earnings after audits: I got in after the hump, maybe well after the hump (the hump being the huge rush of people trying out Chitika for their adserving needs). I personally made little to no money right from the beginning and frankly should have known that this would be the outcome. Chitika had piss poor results for my blog with their text ads and their eMiniMalls returns have now fallen to those levels. Long live Chitika, Chitika is dead. There is enough money to be had in this business that if you create a little buzz in the industry, you can rope in enough people to start making you some money. I should really resurrect that open source text link ad app (to be able to sell ads independantly and dynamically on your blog, accept payments via PayPal) I was putting together.




  1. The Stink (1 comments.) says:

    That plugin would rock. I’d love to see that!

  2. Chris (1 comments.) says:

    Yeah, I’d like to see it as well…

    Let us know :)

    Heck, I might even be able to help write it.

  3. Oskar Syahbana (1 comments.) says:

    Actually, you can do this via adbrite right?

  4. Ajay D'Souza (39 comments.) says:

    I’ve personally had a really bad experience with Chitika. Applied and got rejected. I thought it was because of the downtime my site had on that day. Writing to support was useless. So after a week I replied again and received 15 emails saying I was rejected. Well I got the hint!

    Adsense isn’t yet bringing in enough for me, but it pays!

  5. tim boucher (1 comments.) says:

    Yeah, that app would be totally awesome. I absolutely agree about Chitika sucking. Admittedly, I only signed up to try it out really recently (in the past week really), but I had it up for one day, without a single click. Their ads were just so painfully irrelevant… on my site we’d be having some weighty discussion about like philosophical religious blah blah blah and then at the bottom there would be an ad for a hard drive from Walmart. No wonder I got zero clicks in 24 hours off almost a thousand page impressions.

  6. zuzu says:

    He he , i got 2 (two clicks) on 77000 page impressions in a day and with chitika blog banners with related content .For me that sounds like they are not paying (doesn’t show the correct statistics) or their system is not working.I’m sure they made a lot of money this season

  7. Mike (1 comments.) says:

    I’d like to see it…

  8. Gregory (2 comments.) says:

    Me too, me too! I want to see it too ! :)


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