Google Base blog import instructions

November 21st, 2005
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Google Base blog import instructions You can add your existing content to the Google Base for broad distribution with only a few easy steps Follow Niall’s steps to make your blog content available and distributed through Google Base.




  1. CT (6 comments.) says:

    Is this really an intended use for Google Base? SiteMap is a dedicated way to help Google index your site; and even the simple “Submit Your Site” form should cover you as well.

    Not only do I not see the point, but I wonder if Google wouldn’t pull the plug on this, especially if it gets flooded with both legitimate sites and splogs etc.

  2. Nick (3 comments.) says:

    I don’t see why anyone would want their content on Google’s pages. I’ve read that one eventual use of Google Base is as a replacment for blogs. Thanks G, but I’ll keep my content on my own site.

  3. david kaplan says:

    What I am looking for is an algorithm telling me on how to build, debug and place, on-line, a blog. I have no idea on how to proceed.

    By algorithmic I mean a recipe telling me the ingredients (software) and actions I must take to build, debug and place, on-line, a blog.

    I am a mathematician and can read instructions that start from the beginning and continue to an end. It should not be assumed that what is obvious to you is obvious to me. I looked, on-line, for such an algorithm but not found it.

    The reason I chose this site to post such a request is that here there is a place to post it. I haven’t found any other place with for me to place the request.

    Happy New Year and thank-you for any help you can provide.

    David Kaplan

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