Connections Reloaded 1.2 released


v1.2 of Connections Reloaded has just been released.

1.2 comes as a major update with a lot of additions as follows:

  • I have added Links and Pages to the sidebar. Links displays only on the homepage while Pages displays all throughout. Currently only top level pages are displayed. You will need to edit the sidebar.php to display daughter level.
  • Version info is not added to the footer. Easy for keeping track.
  • Display of nested categories in the sidebar has been fixed
  • Have added buttons under subscription for Feedster, Spurl, Furl, Newsburst, Rojo and Pluck. If anyone knows the button for adding to Google Reader, please let me know.
  • All images used by the theme are now included in it, especially those used in the sidebar.

Read more about Connections Reloaded.




  1. Lorelle (12 comments.) says:

    All links to are down, either temporarily (overloaded? weeeee!) or some other reason.

    And could you tell us more about what this does? I’m really intrigued but without a link to the site, all I have is a list of improvements and no information on what this really does.


  2. Lorelle (12 comments.) says:

    I found information on adding feeds for Google Reader at

  3. Ajay (39 comments.) says:

    Sorry about the downtime Lorelle. My server was overloaded or something as a result it was down. Things are back up and normal as of now, so you can check out the page.

    Thanks for the information regarding Google Reader. Will look into it and add in the next update.

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